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Tatami bed for a unique decoration

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-19
Tatami originated from China. In ancient times, it became a 'stacked mat'. However, in modern times, the use of tatami bed decoration has become a more fashionable and individual decoration, but do we know the material of tatami bed? What is the material of tatami mat? What about the benefits? Next, let's take a look. 1. What is a tatami bed? A tatami bed is a kind of furniture that is woven from rushes. It is spread on the ground throughout the year and can be used to sit or lie on the floor. The production of the tatami bed is to connect pieces of tatami with fabric strips, and then fix it on the floor of the home. People can walk on it with bare feet. It is very stable. This design is not only clean but also comfortable. Its characteristics Yes: I don’t feel cold in winter, and I don’t feel very hot in summer. 2. Tatami bed material Tatami bed material can be divided into rush noodles and paper mat noodles. Rush noodles have better air permeability; but the paper mat noodles are stronger and waterproof. Tatami bed core materials are divided into straw cores, palm cores, bamboo charcoal cores, wood fiberboard cores and non-woven fabric cores. 3. The common specifications of tatami beds are in Japan. Generally, the size of the traditional tatami bed is 90*180cm and the thickness is 5cm; there are also half-tatami beds with a size of 90*90cm. In China, the thickness of the tatami bed ranges from 1.5 to 6 cm. Generally, a floor with a floor heating or storage function is suitable for a thinner tatami bed. Related reading: Tatami Decoration Guide, Southern Children’s 'Tukang' IV. Advantages of Tatami Beds 1. The advantage of tatami beds is that it is economical and versatile. It has a variety of functions such as beds, carpets, stools, and sofas. . 2. The tatami bed can effectively use the space and save the floor space of other furniture in the home. 3. Long-term sitting on a tatami bed is also very healthy for our body, because a soft sofa can relax the muscles of the legs, hips, and waist, and sitting on a tatami bed will not worry about muscle relaxation, and the tatami bed can send out The fragrance of grass makes people feel refreshed. 5. How to install a tatami bed 1. If you want to decorate a tatami bed, you must choose a suitable location. A tatami bed will take about 4~5 square meters of space. We'd better not lay the entire space as tatami. 2. The tatami bed can have storage functions. The space under the tatami bed can be used as storage space. When designing, we must consider the load-bearing capacity of the board. It is best to choose a strong and durable panel. The above is the introduction of the related tatami beds. Understanding the advantages of tatami materials and tatami beds can help us to better understand whether we need such a tatami bed decoration.
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