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Tasteful you, life may need a piece of such new Chinese nanmu furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-04-01
If you say, what a person’s current temperament hides is the journey he has walked, the books he has read, and the people he has loved. Then, a person's home hides his/her true traces of life, aesthetic style and taste. In your life, do you often be decorated by your relatives and friends with no taste? New Chinese style nanmu furniture, nanmu family creates your tasteful home life. Imported Burmese Phoebe Wood Good furniture materials are used in mahogany furniture. Phoebe is often used in combination with red sandalwood. It is an extremely high-end building furniture material. It does not rot, eats, and has a fragrance. The ancient royal library, the golden lacquered throne, and the interior decoration are mostly made of nanmu. At present, Phoebe nanmu is a second-class national protected plant in my country. The Phoebe nanmu family uses imported Burmese nanmu, which has a growth cycle of hundreds of years. It has excellent corrosion resistance and will not oxidize, corrode, or crack and deform even in extreme humid and hot environments. And because the wood is mild, it is not as biting as iron products in the cold winter, because it has a tight wood, so it also has a good skin-friendly and cold-proof performance in the winter. In the era of industry 4.0, the furniture products on the machine assembly line are all over the streets and alleys. Those seemingly uniform products gradually began to make people feel aesthetic fatigue. Different from the products with no special features on the market, the furniture of Nanmu Family always makes people feel bright. Extended reading: Nanmu family, really understand your Nanmu furniture! Smooth lines, simple design, and dignified shapes are engraved with a symbol of happiness. Or Yuelong, or Phoenix, or auspicious clouds... The patterns in the traditional elements of these classic Chinese furniture have become lifelike and full of aura in the hands of the old craftsmen of Huari Home Furnishing. It often surprises people inadvertently. Royal Dutch resin paint Elegant color, safety and environmental protection. People often say: people depend on clothes, and beauty depends on pretty clothes. The solid wood furniture is 'the hibiscus comes out of the water, and it is naturally carved.' People like solid wood furniture because of the natural environmental protection and unique beauty of solid wood furniture. In order to ensure the natural texture and jade-like texture of the solid wood furniture, the lacquer on the Nanmu Family series is also very particular. It uses the world's top brand DSM (Dutch Royal DSM) high-quality paint. After several times of polishing, it not only retains the natural texture and elegant charm of nanmu, but also makes the furniture have a jade-like luster and lubrication. Low-key yet generous, exudes a subtle and introverted temperament. A good life requires good furniture. In fact, there is only one distance between you and a good life. (Net Chen Min)
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