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Talk about several confusing mahogany woods

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-11
African wenge is pretending to be Myanmar wenge. African wenge is often used to pretend to be Myanmar wenge in the market. The price of Burmese wenge is about twice that of African wenge, and the price gap is relatively large. How do consumers distinguish between two different materials? First, look at the finish. Burmese wenge is smooth and delicate, while African wenge is rough. The second is the specific weight. Burmese wenge is denser than African wenge. The third is to look at the style of furniture. Burmese wenge has fewer large panels and can only be used for small furniture such as chairs and a few types. The raw materials of African wenge have a relatively thick diameter and can be used for large furniture such as large cabinets and Luohan beds. White rosewood and Dalbergia odorifera 'Redwood' does not have the name 'white rosewood' in the national standard. It is just an informal name for red rosewood with lighter color and poorer material in the industry. These woods are often pretended to be Dalbergia Dalbergia (Huanghuali) after 'make-up'. Dalbergia odorifera has a lower scent, and white rosewood has a sour scent. Burmese ebony, Kalimantan and striped ebony are often mixed with striped ebony in the market because they also have black stripes. Striped ebony has more black stripes and few white stripes. White stripes are more obvious for these two types of wood. Related reading: What is the difference between African wenge and Burmese wenge? The scientific name of Ketan mixed with sandalwood and Pterocarpus is called Côte d'Ivoire. The properties of the wood are similar to those of sandalwood and red sandalwood. The color is slightly yellowish, with more stripes, and the material is crisper than sandalwood and red sandalwood. These three types of wood are easily mixed with rosewood on the market. In fact, they are all sub rosewood, not redwood. Rosewood is a kind of wood that is more pretended to be on the market. Red iron pigeon peas and red rosewood Red iron pigeon peas are commonly known as red sandalwood and African red rosewood in the market. Some consumers often mistakenly buy red iron pigeon peas as red rosewood furniture, and after expert inspection, they found that they are all red iron pigeon peas. The difference between the two is: red iron pigeon peas have a finer texture and smaller brown eyes.
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