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Talk about fireproof furniture: how fire retardant cloth, leather and wood are

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-11
Fire-resistant furniture is especially valued by some countries in Western Europe, but domestically, no measures have been taken for the fire-resistant treatment of furniture. The fire resistance of furniture and the flame retardancy of external materials (mainly refers to the nature of delaying the spread of flames have a lot to do, because in the event of a big fire, when the flame retardant material on the surface cannot withstand high temperatures and open flames, the filling will burn. Below) Discuss the flame retardancy of several common furniture materials: the worst flame retardant properties are imitation leather and environmentally friendly leather, which are actually PVC plastics. As long as these materials are touched with a cigarette butt, they will penetrate a hole and encounter an open flame. , It will be 'one tart.' Microfiber leather is a synthetic artificial leather. It will not be rotten when it is pierced with a toothpick or a cigarette butt. The quality is relatively stable. If it is exposed to the open flame of a lighter for a few seconds, most of it will not Ignite. Secondly, it is leather material, which is burnt with cigarette butt or exposed to open flame for a short time. Generally, there is no trace or slight black mark. Fabric furniture has poor fire resistance, and the surface is made of flammable materials such as flannel, linen, fiber, acrylic, and polyester. Mainly, it is easy to ignite when encountering cigarette butts or open flames, and has poor fire resistance. However, some mid-to-high-end fabric furniture is fire-resistant and has certain flame retardancy, and has a certain resistance to cigarette butts, even if exposed to open flames. , Is also more difficult to ignite than ordinary fabrics, but in the case of high-temperature open flames, the flammability is not much different from that of ordinary fabrics. Most solid wood furniture is made of wood, and it requires a certain temperature to ignite the wood. Generally, lighters are difficult to ignite, so solid wood furniture is basically No fire prevention treatment is done. Relatively speaking, composite wood panels are relatively dangerous. However, solid wood and composite wood panels are coated with paint on the surface and there are adhesives in the middle. These are flammable items themselves. Although they are not easy to ignite, they When it encounters a high-temperature open flame, it burns very vigorously.
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