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Surprise creative wardrobe

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-13
If you only know that the wardrobe is divided into independent cabinets and cloakrooms, it has been out for a long time! The wardrobe can no longer be a monotonous square box, as long as you can think of it! Let's take you to see some maverick wardrobes! Irregular combination wardrobe If you feel that your space is too dull and monotonous, irregular combination wardrobe will be a good space regulator. The jumping shape and color can make the space become cheerful instantly. The seemingly random and disorderly appearance actually provides a more intuitive way of sorting and storing-spaces of different sizes and colors to meet the sorting and storing of different items. How many people want modular partitions to be lighter and more convenient, but look decent? If you think open hangers are too 'simplistic. You only need to combine different storage modules to build a professional-grade coat and hat space. Why not? The mix and match of unbounded private spaces is an irreversible mainstream trend in the future, because the function is no longer to divide the space. The necessary factors, each space we create will meet the emotional needs of inner or private, or communication, or entertainment. The bedroom, bathroom, and cloakroom in the future will eventually be integrated into an unbounded personal and private space, allowing people to relax and feel life. Extended reading: How to customize the wardrobe to save money Professional freestanding wardrobe If you are a fashionista with limited room space, then a professional freestanding wardrobe will be your best choice. Usually closing the cabinet door will not take up too much space. Once the cabinet door is opened, it will be a visual satisfaction-from the storage of jewelry and all kinds of clothes to the trial mirror, all-in-one storage and display functions will satisfy you Everything needed. More importantly, it is like a large suitcase, close the cabinet door, and you can take it to your next destination. Hidden in the 'false wall' Do you still remember the mysterious space hidden in the false wall that often appears in the story of Sherlock Holmes? Many people regard the cloakroom as the most private space in the room, and the most common way to create a private space is to hide the space Inside a seemingly impeccable false wall. The false wall will be composed of cabinet doors with a high degree of camouflage. Therefore, the quality of the cabinet doors will be the key to the whole concept. When the cabinet door is suddenly opened, a secret luxury will appear in front of you.
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