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Surface treatment technology and identification of panel furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-29
Generally, the surface of panel furniture must be treated to ensure that the furniture can be more durable. The craftsmanship mainly includes the following aspects: 1. Raw veneer veneer: common veneer colors range from light to dark, including cherry wood and maple wood , White beech, red beech, ash, white oak, red oak, teak, yellow pear, red pear, walnut, white shadow wood, red shadow wood, red sandalwood, ebony and other categories. During the manufacturing process, the solid wood is cut into pieces of about 2 mm thick, which are adhered to the surface of the furniture after special adhesion, and then painted and baked under ultraviolet light. The characteristic is smooth to the touch, and the wood grain on the surface is thick when you tap the wood with your fingers. Clear but irregular, 1mm veneer can be vaguely seen at the corner of the plate. This type of furniture is the top grade of veneer furniture, and the price is generally slightly more expensive. 2. Log composite veneer: Layers of log veneers of different colors are layered and glued by resin high pressure to form a wooden square, which is then sliced u200bu200bfrom the section to form new veneers with different colors and different wood types. Related reading: Is the quality of panel furniture better than solid wood furniture? 3. Raw wood color leather: This kind of furniture is relatively cheap, the general price is 2/3 to 1/2 of the wood veneer, but it is more likely to be scratched and rolled up during use. 4. Plastic veneer: This kind of veneer is a petrochemical product. The surface is printed with wood grain and flower decoration by a public printing machine, and the back is prepared with glue, and it is made by hot-pressing precision instrument glue. 5. Fireproof board: The fireproof board veneer is wear-resistant and not afraid of being burnt. It has wood grain, plain surface, stone grain or other floral decorations, and is mostly used for panel furniture, kitchen utensils, etc.
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