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Summary of types and advantages and disadvantages of bookshelves

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-15
The very important furniture in the study, except for the desks and chairs, is the bookshelf. It can accompany us to spend a wonderful reading time. So, what are the types of bookshelves? Let you have a look. 1. Advantages of leaning-on-wall bookshelf: Choose a certain wall in the room and stick to the wall layout, which takes up extremely limited space and is suitable for small indoor spaces. The abundant shelves in the bookshelves bring great convenience to home office, and the display function is maximized only through the upward extension of the space. 2. The advantages of embedded bookshelves: they can be tailor-made according to the items that need to be stored. In addition to the size, they can also be customized to achieve the same overall style. In addition, you can also use a closed storage design, that is, place a wooden wall in front of the cabinet. The wooden wall is designed with many small doors. Open the small doors and you can see the contents of the cabinet. At the same time, the storage space recessed into the wall can be used to place all kinds of furniture and furnishings, from TVs to vases. 3. The advantages of independent bookshelves: they are more adaptable and can be taken to a new home when moving; they are also suitable for bookworms or book collections; some people will buy a uniquely designed independent bookshelf to reflect Your own identity and grade; in addition, the independent bookshelf can also be used to block space, similar to the role of a screen. Extended reading: Learn about the purchase and placement of study furniture. 4. Advantages of partitioned bookshelf: It can be disassembled and can be designed by itself to suit the requirements of different spaces. 5. The advantages of hanging bookshelf: save the lower space, can be used for other purposes, and can play the role of decorating the wall at the same time. 6. Advantages of steel-wood combined bookshelf: easy disassembly and assembly, the height of the shelf can be adjusted freely according to the size of the book, the shelf has a strong weight and is not easy to deform.
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