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Summary of the most vulnerable corners of children in the family

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-19
You may not find that the home is the place where children are most likely to be injured. Children's furniture needs to take care of the child's hyperactive characteristics, and it must be carefully designed in terms of safety. A representative of the Global Child Safety Organization walked into a child's home in Shanghai and discovered more than a dozen hidden child safety hazards such as balconies and windows within an hour. For this reason, experts suggest that parents squat down and take a look at the height of the child, and immediately improve if there is danger. Children are often injured at home, sometimes because some furniture in the home is not placed in place or has corners. Experts suggest that parents squat down to find hidden dangers from the perspective of their children. 'For older children, we will pay attention to the safety hazards of balconies, windows, etc., but for children under 5 years old (especially children under 1, 2 meters), It’s best to pay attention to angular furniture, electric water heater switches, electric sockets, etc.' said Wei Li, professional account manager of Ping An Life Insurance Co., Ltd. of China. In the past four years, he and his team have been exposed to a large number of cases of child accident compensation. Seven to eighty percent of accidents occur at homes and communities, mainly due to bruises, knocks, falls, and burns. Although the family has always been very careful to take care of the children, the children are always injured by getting into the bottom of the table. They use anti-collision stickers to stick the legs of the table. However, the children like to have independent spaces. They often drill under the table. A big bag. Children also like to open doors and drawers. Some drawers are equipped with wheels, and they close quickly, making it easy for fingers to be caught. Boiling water and soup are best kept out of the reach of children. In addition, there are some fitness equipment in the community. It’s best not to let children under 5 touch them. 'One time, my child sat on the turntable of the community fitness equipment. When I leaned back, the back of my head fell directly to the ground. I was shocked at the time. Fortunately, I checked it and nothing happened!' said a parent in Nanshan District. In addition, anti-collision floor mats, non-slip floor mats, and balconies without anti-theft nets are also of concern to some parents. “Last year, a 2-year-old child in Bao’an swallowed a cosmetic in front of his mother. As a result, his throat was stuck, and he was taken out after an operation. In 2011, a child in Nanshan stepped on a pulley in the community and hit his knee. On the corners of the cement walls of the green belt, the adults were still following, but they hit them badly.' He said that corner furniture at home should be sealed with foam or bumper strips. 'Bedside edges, cabinet edges The edge of the table is the place where children are most likely to be injured. Parents should pay attention to it.” Extended reading: The detailed design of children’s furniture, parents, these places are dangerous 1. The angular furniture and position of the home should be protected 2. Smooth floors and Protective measures should be taken in wet and wet places. 3. Families with floor-to-ceiling windows should pay attention to protective railing. 4. Do not put small things casually. Children under the age of 3 will eat when they get something. 5. Places that can be climbed and not installed. The balcony and windows of the protective railing should pay attention to furniture that is easy to open and close, such as closets and drawers, to prevent children from getting into the closet or closing the drawers to pinch their fingers. 7. Special attention should be paid to whether there are protective pads in the area of u200bu200bfitness equipment such as swings and ladders. 8 , The kitchen door should be closed at any time to prevent children from contacting the cooking stove. 9. Boiled water, hot soup and hot meals should be kept out of children's reach. 10. The common items in the house should be placed appropriately according to the child's age and height. Adjust the extended reading: Pay attention to the order when buying children’s furniture. 11. Small electric water heater switches, electric plugs, gas switches. 12. Don’t let children ride on the escalators in shopping malls. 13. Ponds, swimming pools, and large buckets filled with water in bathrooms. 14. Avoid children. Play in the driveway of the community15, pay attention to formaldehyde safety in clothing, home decoration, etc.16, long-term air conditioning can easily cause respiratory tract infections in children17, do not let children stay in a confined space or airless space for too long18, keep knives out of the reach of children Places where you go 19, keep refrigerators, washing machines, etc. closed at any time 20. Don’t let children touch pet ponds at will: accidents can happen if you don’t install protective fences. When summer vacation arrives, many adults will take children to swim in the pool, and many children also like to approach the pond or Fountains, etc., but these places with water are often the places where children are most likely to have accidents. In the Garden Expo, there are also large and small ponds, because there are goldfish in the ponds, which attract many children. However, some small ponds have stone slabs on the sides, but there is no protection. Children may fall off when they step on them. Some children are fishing for fish with short net bags, which is also very dangerous. Fences made of soft iron chains are best to be changed in time, and high iron railings should be added to prevent older children from climbing. “These railings have reminder signs, but children don’t look at them when they play, and they don’t know how to read them. They seem to be for adults. If something goes wrong, you can shirk responsibility.” Some parents also said that the public venues have some modern designs. Unreliable, did not consider the safety of children.
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