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Suggestions for color matching between bedroom and wardrobe

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-06
The wardrobe and the bedroom are like a pair of sisters. The characters (styles) of the two match each other to make your bedroom look very comfortable and charming. How to match the color of the bedroom with the color of the wardrobe? Bring you a few suggestions. Generally speaking, white is a versatile color, which matches well with most colors. If your bedroom walls are white, it is much more convenient. If not, rest assured, there are other options too! Color matching rules for comfortable bedrooms 1. The overall black + orange solid black wardrobe, coupled with gorgeous chandelier, makes the whole room look low-key and luxurious. But does pure black seem very depressing? Don't worry, orange embellished it, breaking the original dullness and bringing vitality to the entire bedroom. The solid black overall wardrobe is matched with the solemn and elegant brown wardrobe of orange 2, brown + grass green. The design with no doors on both sides also has the function of display. The wall was painted a warm grass green, and the brown wardrobe formed a contrast effect of warm and cold tones. The color matching of the bedroom wardrobe mainly depends on the environment. Of course, simplicity and elegance are still the style we pursue. If your bedroom wall is lime-white, the color of your bedroom wardrobe can be similar to the color of your bedroom floor, or a color similar to your bed. The solemn and elegant brown wardrobe is matched with the overall wardrobe of grass green 3, pink + white with powerful functions. There is also an area between the two wardrobes as a dressing table, which is convenient and practical. The Mickey doll with milky white wardrobe is full of childishness. White wardrobe with pink decoration 4. Light blue + white small attic with dreams, big skylight on the roof. In the early morning in winter, it is bathed in warm sunshine. When night comes, look up at the vast starry sky. This wardrobe is embedded in the attic, and the white cabinet doors complement the layout of the room. White wardrobe with white decoration 5, pink + white pink and white wardrobe, with a polished glass sliding door design, making the otherwise dull door look colorful. When you go back to the bedroom and look at this bright and gorgeous pink, will you feel happy? There are many tricks that can be used in the decoration of the red and white wardrobe. For example, a large white wardrobe, a white background wall behind the bed, a white carpet in front of the bed, a white single chair, white walls, and white curtains can all be used to receive sunlight. The best props to make the bedroom fresh and bright; most of the bedding, blinds and headboard on the bed are soft beige with different shades, matching with the large area of u200bu200bwhite, creating an unmatched comfort for the bedroom feel. Use your brain, and the bedroom will become another little world for you.
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