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Such porch designs are popular nowadays, don’t you know?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-13
In house decoration, people often pay the most attention to the decoration and layout of the living room, but ignore the decoration design of the entrance. In fact, in the overall design of the home, the hallway is the place that gives people the first impression, and it is the 'face' that reflects the owner's cultural temperament. Today, I will introduce you to the seven popular trends of hallway design today, and provide a reference for you to set up hallway at home. Refitting cloakroom Refitting the porch into a cloakroom can not only make full use of the narrow space on the wall at the entrance, but also meet the function of storing clothes. For small-sized families who cannot open a cloakroom alone, it is a good choice to transform the hallway into a cloakroom that is both beautiful and practical. Setting up a minimalist Chinese shoe cabinet In modern home design, minimalist Chinese style is becoming more and more popular, so it has become a trend to use a shoe cabinet with a solid wood grain or decorated with classical patterns as the entrance. The shoe storage cabinet can be selected with multiple drawers, which can store shoes, socks, gloves and other items separately. In addition, you can also install hooks and shelves on the blank wall next to it to store keys or clothes taken off after entering the door, making it easy to find. Such a small, multi-functional shoe cabinet can separate the space and is transparent and beautiful. Personalized porch porch can not only store clothes, hats, shoes, but for those who like to collect, if there is not enough space in the home to set up a separate storage rack, the porch can be set as a storage rack. Placing collections such as calligraphy and painting, red wine, and dolls on the shelf makes the entrance more personal and beautiful. The decorative grille is partitioned by hollow wooden lattices or frosted glass with different lattice patterns, which not only has a simple and elegant charm, but also can produce a complementary effect of transparency and concealment. If glass is not used, bead curtains can also be used to create looming effects. Extended reading: cleverly arranged materials for the porch, clever use of simple and refreshing large-screen glass to fix the large-screen glass on the stainless steel frame or wooden frame rail, which can better match the overall environment, and at the same time make the overall design of the porch simple and refreshing, glass Patterned glass, sandblasted stained glass or ground pattern can be selected, the specification is above 58 mm, and the space can be divided in a half-covered and half-covered area. If you put a pot of green plants next to it, you can feel full of spring when you enter the door. The application of mirrors in long and narrow spaces If the small porch space is narrow and it is not easy to set up storage cabinets, you can also consider using the reflection of mirrors to change the visual discomfort brought by the long and narrow spaces. This space transition effect can also make The hallway blooms with splendor. It is an important meaning of the hallway design to use the light and color atmosphere to attract wealth and to symbolize wealth. Therefore, it is particularly important to use the reasonable combination of light and color to make the atmosphere. Entrance halls generally do not have light windows, while fluorescent lamps are too dazzling in a narrow hallway, so artificial lighting such as incandescent lamps, ceiling lamps and wall lamps are generally used; in the use of colors, attention should be paid to the coordination of adjacent spaces and warmth. The porch of the color tone can be appropriately added with some decorations to create a feeling of being at home. The decoration of the porch of warm colors should be as simple as possible and avoid placing debris, so as to appear more spacious and bright. The above are the seven popular trends of modern porch design compiled for you. According to the reasonable design of the apartment type, it will surely create a warm and comfortable home.
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