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Such a gorgeous parquet floor can only be seen in Fudeli!

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-08
The beauty of the floor lies not only in the beauty of the material, but also in the beauty of the form it shows. As a rival artist's extremely high craftsmanship, parquet can only be expressed vividly by 'injecting the heart'. Ingenuity and customization. Persisting in the production of handmade parquet flooring tests the patience and skill level of the craftsmen, and it is also a very time-consuming task. From the cutting of wood, to the combination of patterns and the final processing and customization, all of them need to be meticulous. In Fudeli's parquet floor studio, the craftsmen often immersed themselves in it for several hours in order to make a parquet floor. In the era of large-scale machine production, handmade custom-made items are more valuable and warmer. Therefore, from Givenchy to Ralph Lauren and Armani, these international luxury brands take the trouble to emphasize their handmade. At Fudeli, more than 22 years of dedicated wood floor manufacturing experience has given it a deep manufacturing heritage, and the inheritance of skills and the pursuit of perfectionism have become more refined. In addition, the Fudeli Floor Material Pavilion, which is setting sail, will cooperate in-depth with international first-line imported brands, and introduce the century-old German brand HKS into the country, and once again refresh the domestic flooring industry quality standards! Extended reading: The most humane Nordic The amorous furniture breaks the convention and creates a unified beautiful parquet floor in change to break the unchanging visual space. It was born as early as the Baroque period hundreds of years ago. European royal nobles used their superb aesthetic and artistic imagination in their courts and private residences to express concrete or abstract patterns in clever splicing. Their craftsmanship was meticulously crafted and gradually flowed from the palace to the folk. The rich experience of Fudeli craftsmen through the splicing of various wood species and the geometric combination between the floors have also created wooden art from the ground, ceiling, tabletop, and wall. This is the Fudeli Oak Mansion. The headquarters of Futeli, located in Shaoxing, Zhejiang, has also become the starting point of the domestic oak flooring culture. Here, from the ingenious parquet floors, to wall panels, ceilings, wardrobes, etc., the oak mansion can be built as far as possible. What it creates is not a simple stacking of styles, but an elegant, low-key, and noble attitude towards life, which is a pure European and American home furnishing culture. Therefore, many high-end clubs and villas approve of Fudeli Oak Life. Especially the parquet floor series, with profound shapes and colors, and excellent design, perfectly explain the concept of exquisite lifestyle. From the parquet floor to the home culture represented by the oak mansion, each floor represents an attitude to life and a pursuit of life. And this pursuit, I believe it can be found here.
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