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Substandard furniture? The size standard is exquisite!

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-18
Some time ago, a certain IKEA cabinet was in danger of overturning, causing the death of children. The different treatment of the same product at home and abroad caused domestic heated discussions. Some industry experts pointed out: the cabinet is not fixed on the wall, and there should be no danger of overturning. How to have this danger, from a fundamental point of view, this product is substandard in the size design. In fact, every piece of furniture has a basic standard size. Whether it is customized or mass-produced, it must follow the standard to make changes in the shape and design. What are the particulars and standards in various furniture sizes? Bookcases with a width of not less than 210 mm are divided into open and closed door types. Compared with closed bookcases, open bookcases require more items to be placed, such as easy Debris, heavy objects, and swaying animals should not be placed in high places; items that are likely to cause harm to children should be placed in high places. However, closed bookcases require more space. The most basic thing is to ensure the opening or sliding of the door. This varies depending on the space and can be large or small. However, bookcases also have standard size requirements. The height of the bookcase should not be less than 297 mm, and the width should not be less than 210 mm. The depth of the wardrobe is not less than 500 mm. The depth of the wardrobe is determined according to the width of the person's shoulders. The shoulder width of ordinary people will not exceed 600 mm. Under normal circumstances, the depth of the wardrobe will be set at 600 mm, which can ensure the clothes hanging on the side. Don't touch the closet door. If your family’s shoulders are wider, you can increase the size appropriately. If your family’s shoulders are generally narrow, you can consider choosing a wardrobe with a depth of 550 mm. However, it is worth noting that the depth of the wardrobe should not be less than 500 mm, and the wardrobe below this value cannot hang clothes. The height difference between tables and chairs should be controlled between 280 and 320 mm. Compared with the size selection of cabinets, wardrobes, and shoe cabinets, the size selection of tables and chairs is much looser, and there are not too many constraints. Most of them are designed according to the reasonable planning of the space. However, tables generally have four specifications: 760 mm, 740 mm, 720 mm, and 700 mm. The seat height of stool furniture also stipulates three standards, which are 400 mm, 420 mm, and 440 mm. However, it should be noted that when the table and chair are used together, the height difference between the table and chair should be controlled within the range of 280 to 320 mm. In addition, different decoration styles have different treatments on furniture corners and decorations, which will also affect the size of furniture. Generally speaking, American and European furniture are larger in size than Chinese furniture. For example, the height of a Chinese dining table is generally 700-800 mm, and the height of a western dining table is at least 760 mm. The front width of the sofa seat is not less than 480 mm. Generally speaking, consumers buy sofas that are mostly L-shaped, mainly composed of sofas. Because modular sofas can be spliced u200bu200bat will, the front width of the seat is relatively loose, but there are still some requirements for the basic size of the sofa. If the seat is too deep, the calf will not sag naturally, and the calf will be compressed. If it is too shallow, you will feel unable to sit still, so the height in front of the seat should be 360 u200bu200bto 420 mm. For single-seat sofas, the front seat width cannot be less than 480 mm. Extended reading: Reference for buying furniture: Furniture size suitable for the human body Floor-to-ceiling window guardrail vertical railing spacing is not more than 11 cm French window guardrail size selection, the key is to consider from the perspective of protecting children. Especially for children under 6 years old at home, the importance of floor-to-ceiling window guardrails is even more self-evident. Generally speaking, the vertical railing spacing of the French window guardrails should not be greater than 11 cm and the height should not be less than 1.05 meters. If the spacing is too wide and the railing is too low, the child may climb out. The depth of the shoe cabinet must be at least 300 mm. Generally speaking, the size of the shoe cabinet does not exceed 800 mm in height. Within this value range, it not only guarantees the storage of shoes, but also does not affect the appearance. The width of the shoe cabinet is based on the Use the size of the space for reasonable division. However, the depth of the shoe cabinet must be at least 300 mm. This size is determined by the length of the largest shoe in the home. Under no special circumstances, the size of the shoes is usually between 300 and 400 mm. However, one situation that needs to be mentioned is that some people like to store shoes together with the shoe box in the shoe cabinet, which requires the depth of the shoe cabinet to be 380 to 400 mm. When purchasing or making a shoe cabinet, the most practical way is to measure the size of the user's shoe box in advance, and use this as the basis for the depth of the shoe cabinet. If you want to place other items such as a vacuum cleaner in the shoe cabinet, the depth must be more than 400 mm before it can be used. The distance between the upper and lower cabinets depends on the height of the housewife. The kitchen is a woman's world, and the size of the cabinets should also be decided according to the height of the housewife. Generally speaking, the height of the housewife is usually between 150 cm and 165 cm. Based on this data, the cabinet depth should be between 550 mm and 600 mm, and the cabinet depth should be between 300 mm and 350 mm. The distance between the upper and lower cabinets is 800 mm, and the height of the base cabinet is 850 mm, making it easy to access items. Of course, for housewives who are taller than 165 cm, the height of the base cabinet and the distance between the upper and lower cabinets can be increased accordingly. (Original title: Customized furniture to play personality   'standard figure' can not be changed)
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