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Style characteristics of European pastoral furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-17
European-style pastoral style: The emphasis is on the expression of nature, but different pastoral areas have different natures, which in turn have derived a variety of styles, Chinese, European, and even South Asian pastoral styles, each with its own characteristics and its own. The beauty of each. European pastoral styles are mainly divided into two pastoral styles, English and French. The former is characterized by gorgeous fabrics and pure handmade production. Broken flowers, stripes, and Scottish patterns, every fabric is full of local flavor. The furniture materials are mostly pine wood and pine wood, and the production and carving are all handmade and very particular. The latter is characterized by the whitewashing of furniture and bold color matching. The characteristic of the European pastoral style is mainly that the whitewashing treatment of the furniture can make the furniture present classic beauty, and the combination of red, yellow and blue reveals the fertile scene of the land, and the chair feet are simplified and curly arcs and exquisite The decoration is also the embodiment of French elegant country life. Emphasis on the expression of nature is the main feature of the European pastoral style. The European pastoral style emphasizes the characteristics of romance and modern popism while expressing nature. European-style pastoral style, the design emphasizes the natural return of the soul, giving a strong breath to the face. Incorporating some fine late-stage accessories into the design style fully reflects the comfortable and comfortable living atmosphere pursued by the designer and the owner. This living room uses a large number of various fabrics and hanging decorations with floral patterns, and the gorgeous outlines of European-style furniture complement the exquisite chandeliers. The walls are not empty either, the frescoes and decorative vases add to it a lot. Flowers and green plants are also very nice decorations. European pastoral furniture is mostly white milky white ivory white, high-grade birch, catalpa wood, etc. as the frame, with high-grade environmentally friendly MDF as the inner panel, elegant shape, fine lines and high-grade paint treatment, all make every A product resembles an elegant and mature middle-aged woman with subtle, gentle, introverted and unassuming atmosphere, exuding a calm and elegant life atmosphere, and just like the pure and refined temperament of a girl with eighteenths, all inspiring and imaginative.
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