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Star sleep to take home a good mattress is the key

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-04-02
Good sleep comes from two aspects. On the one hand, it is a familiar environment and a familiar atmosphere, so sleeping at home is the sweetest. The so-called 'golden nest and silver nest are not as good as a doghouse at home'; on the other hand, it comes from high-quality sleep. Environment, such as bedroom decoration, lighting, atmosphere and excellent high-quality mattresses, so most people are eager for five-star hotels. The experience of high-end star hotels is always fascinating. Five-star high-end hotels are used as a place for business people to travel. In addition to providing various business services, the most important thing is to provide tired travelers with a healthy and comfortable sleep so that they can be refreshed. Welcome the important negotiation or meeting of the next day. Therefore, high-end hotels pay special attention to the purchase of mattresses. Not only do they need to be internationally renowned brands, but more importantly, the superior quality of the mattress itself. Five-star hotels also need to provide a five-star sleeping experience. Related reading: Mattress secrets that high-end business people should know. As a purchaser, the hotel has a strict process when purchasing mattresses. In addition to understanding objective information such as the history of the mattress brand, customer conditions, craftsmanship and materials, it will also Subjective factors such as mattress support, elasticity, and decompression are evaluated in detail. Being able to be successfully selected as a mattress brand for high-end hotels, apart from expanding the market to obtain normal corporate profits, it is more importantly a symbol of honor. Anyone who has been on a business trip and slept in a high-end hotel does not want to bring home the high-quality sleep in a star-rated hotel. Many caring people living in a hotel will take pictures of the hotel layout, and then purchase furniture, soft furnishings and bedroom matching for the hotel layout, but in fact this is very difficult. Because the furniture in many hotel rooms is custom-made, and the fabric products such as curtains, sofa covers, etc. are all tailor-made by professional designers. Apart from it, it is difficult to buy the same household products in the furniture market outside. Even if you can buy similar products and match them together, there is no sense of tallness in the hotel at all. In the end, they can only become four different. In fact, the easiest way to achieve a star-rated sleep experience store at home is to buy the mattress brand used by the hotel, which is simple and practical, and the price is affordable, saving a lot of trouble. You can find out what brand of mattress the hotel uses when you open the bedspread in the hotel. If you can't find it, you can call the hotel to inquire. Generally, the hotel will tell the guests. Choose to buy a mattress according to this brand, it is simple and easy, and the star sleep will be moved home in an instant. According to a person in the high-end hotel industry, the current domestic international high-end hotel chain companies purchase mattresses mainly from American brands, and Jin Keer, which has a history of more than 100 years, occupies an absolute leading share in the high-end hotel market. According to statistics, more than 58% of high-end hotels in China are using Jin Keer mattresses. The Waldorf International Suite uses Jin Keer mattresses with high-quality mattress brands like Jin Keer. It has unique craftsmanship and advantages in spring technology, latex materials, super soft sponge, edge stitching, curve partitioning and other technologies. Therefore, it can be selected by high-end hotels such as Waldorf Astoria and Wanda Vista to provide a comfortable sleep experience for distinguished guests in the future. Therefore, it is no longer a dream to move home the quality sleep of a five-star hotel, it can be achieved by buying a good mattress!
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