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Solid wood? Skinned? Stupidly confused? Please look here!

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-19
In today's health and environmental protection, people tend to choose solid wood furniture that uses relatively little glue and does not use much paint when buying furniture. But in fact, in a wide variety of wooden furniture, there is also a kind of furniture that imitates solid wood-solid wood veneer furniture. Both types of furniture have their own merits. Solid wood veneer furniture usually uses artificial board as the base material. A layer of 0.6 mm thick solid wood leather is pasted on the surface of the base material, and the open-hole paint is painted to protect the solid wood surface. Generally speaking, solid wood veneer furniture is mostly panel furniture. In the current market, the veneers of panel furniture are mainly made of six materials: sticker leather, veneer, baking varnish, crystal board, fireproof board, and molded board. According to industry insiders, the natural texture of solid wood can make up for people's regrets about expensive solid wood furniture. It glues natural veneer to the veneer of the base material. It does not look very different from solid wood furniture, but the price is much cheaper. , You can also choose the colors and textures of different tree species, splicing them into flowers, etc. But the downside is that currently in the market, the recognition of solid wood veneer furniture products is not too high, consumers generally think that its quality is not high, and there is a sense of resistance. Moreover, the surface of laminated furniture products is indeed not easy to clean, and it is easy to deteriorate in an overly humid environment. So, in the face of all kinds of furniture surfaces, how do we choose the one we want most? According to industry insiders, the most fundamental difference between solid wood and laminated furniture products is the wood grain. For the same piece of solid wood, the two interface wood grains should clearly show the natural connection between the longitudinal section and the cross section. While veneer furniture encounters two adjacent interfaces during the production, they usually do not turn, but paste one piece each. Therefore, the wood grain of the two interfaces should usually not be connected. Extended reading: Seven tips for buying solid wood furniture to prevent being fooled. When consumers are buying solid wood furniture, if they have doubts about whether the furniture they are buying is solid wood or solid wood veneer furniture, they need to ask as much as possible if they are pure solid wood. Still wood veneer. At the time of purchase, the sales staff should show the product test report to see the environmental protection limit index, and also see the furniture instruction manual. Try to choose a big brand with quality assurance, so whether it is solid wood or solid wood veneer furniture, the craftsmanship will be very particular, and there is no need to worry about quality issues. At the same time, the state clearly stipulates that the furniture instruction manual must be attached when selling furniture, which contains environmental protection instructions. If the business always claims to be all solid wood, it must indicate 'all solid wood' in the contract to prevent being deceived. The purchase invoice should also indicate whether it is solid wood furniture or panel furniture, and wood furniture cannot be written in general.
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