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Solid wood floor installation steps

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-25
'Three points for the floor, seven points for installationIt can be seen from this that in the use of solid wood flooring, installation plays a vital role. Today, I will share with you the installation steps of solid wood flooring and the precautions for installation. Installation steps of solid wood flooring 1. Checking the installation of solid wood flooring on the ground sounds very difficult, but in fact it is not. First of all, the installation of solid wood flooring must be checked in advance to check whether the ground is flat and the various levels of the surface of the ground. The difference is 3mm, and the ground should be dry and tidy, or leave a little impurity. The test method is to put several films on the ground where the floor needs to be installed, and seal them. After about 12 hours, look at the inside of the film. Whether there is moisture and some small foreign particles attached to it, if not, it means that the ground is dry and clean. Before installing the floor, the floor must be placed at room temperature for 48 hours to ensure that the floor adapts to the temperature and humidity of the environment. During installation, it will not expand or contract due to heat and does not adapt to the environment. The floor size will vary greatly. . 2. The construction method of floor installation at the beginning of construction is to use a flat construction method. The distance between the floor and some fixed objects such as walls and columns should be about 9mm in length. When paving, make sure that Each floor needs to be staggered by 30cm for paving, so it looks very beautiful. When paving, a layer of about 2mm thick floor mats are now laid on the ground, made of high-density polyethylene, and the joints need to be sealed with tape, and then a layer of 0.5mm thick or more is laid on the ground The film is then reattached to 50mm or more at the seam, and finally sealed with tape. When paving, the paving should be done from the place against the wall of the room. The distance between the floor and the wall is the best to leave a gap of about 9mm. The extra part after each row of paving the floor must be sawed off with a saw. When paving the last row, the width of the last row should be measured very accurately, the excess floor should be removed accurately, and then the paving hook should be used for paving, and finally the skirting line should be installed in the reserved place. 3. The final step of cleaning is, of course, to clean up the residue after a series of floor paving work just now, and then clean the entire floor. Extended reading: Nine practical tips for purchasing solid wood flooring. Precautions for installation of solid wood flooring. Whoever buys the floor and who will install it. Try to let the seller of the floor provide the paving service, otherwise the seller and the construction party will interact with each other when there is a problem with the floor in the future. It is difficult to solve the problem by shrugging off responsibilities. Leveling the ground Before installing the floor, it is best to ask the manufacturer to come to investigate whether the ground needs to be leveled or partially leveled. Laminate flooring must be leveled, and solid wood flooring needs to be laid with keel, unless the drop is too large, there is generally no need to level it separately. This article is original by Song Ye, please search for decoration on WeChat for 33 days. Floor cleaning Before installing the floor, the floor of the paved floor at home must be cleaned, and the floor must be dry, so do not use water during the cleaning process. When installing the floor, if possible, the cutting of the floor must be in the corridor, and clean it after completion. Because cutting the floor indoors has serious indoor pollution, similarly there is the cutting of artificial stone countertops for kitchen cabinets. The overall test is to deploy the color difference of solid wood flooring. You can put the floor with the same pattern and color in the living room, aisle or obvious places, and put the slightly color difference under the furniture or at the corner. If the color difference is too large, the merchants are required to replace it in order to achieve the overall Beautiful and coordinated. The laying direction is usually determined by the direction of the room or along the light. The most used is 1/3 arrangement, and there are also 1/2 arrangement or herringbone arrangement. When nails are needed to lay the floor, use special nails for the floor, preferably Meigu nails. Installation costs Laminated flooring is generally provided by the seller with free installation services, while the installation of solid wood flooring requires payment of installation costs. There are slight differences between brands. When purchasing floors, you should determine the installation costs with the merchant. The installation cost of a general brand is about 50 (including the keel fee). With the increase in labor, this cost is increasing year by year. Don't let the master saw the floor at will during the installation. The sides of the floor are divided into yin and yang (that is, concave and convex), and you should be good at finding ones that can be used together from the discarded wood, because it will always be very short when you pave it to the doorway by the wall. This can effectively reduce losses.
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