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Small knowledge of veneer parquet furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-28
With the development of society, the world has become increasingly colorful, and people's lifestyles and aesthetic appeals have become more diversified. As various types of furniture that create living spaces, it naturally conforms to the diversified choices of the market. During the development process of veneer furniture, the design style positioning was accurately grasped. Under the premise of people-oriented, the model is simple and generous, the function is diverse, the color is stable, generous, avant-garde, and the use of diversified materials. The design style of veneer furniture: simple and natural, avant-garde, concise and practical shape: simple and fine veneer furniture pursues a simple and useless decoration as far as possible in terms of shape. Strong personality. We use leisurely straight lines and flexible arcs accordingly. These curves can play a role of dividing space inadvertently, so that the furniture can fit the design of the human body more comfortably. Function: Folding and storing multifunctional furniture has always been the focus of people's attention. Every modular furniture we develop can realize its variability through the disassembly and assembly of some furniture accessories. Every angle, every change, and ingenious combination, make every performance have the dynamic feeling of soul and life, make the room become refreshed and orderly, reflecting the strange mood of each period of life; at the same time, storage is also An important function of furniture design. How to effectively store the increasingly diverse and versatile household items and make them easy to use. When we developed the holy wood furniture, we considered that this storage function should not be single. For example, the place for books should also be able to put CDs and tie ties. The drawers can also be used to store small items such as socks, because modern people will no longer follow a set of established rules and arrange their lives in a well-planned and orderly manner. Color: Pure Nature'The nature of the soul is pure simplicity, and so is the color of furniture. Busy work makes people look forward to returning home for a complete rest and relaxation. Therefore, in the selection of furniture colors, we also strive to be free of excitement and burden. Simple colors can make people seek rationality in the noisy society. After removing the complex colors, what remains is a peace of mind. Dark furniture still occupies a certain position, while the light color system has won people's love for its bright, elegant, and demure visual effects. The three series of products we have developed: Pink Oak, Black Oak, and Moteni have been recognized by the market and favored by consumers as soon as they are promoted in the market. The combination of black and khaki: the bright color difference inadvertently outlines the rhythm of modern life, the seemingly unintentional creativity adds a bit of touch to the ordinary, the pink warm series, the warm and comfortable life, the love for the beautiful things in life, And elegant taste is the essence of the pink oak and matini series. It makes people feel stable and creates a space for people to enjoy themselves, which is in line with people's pursuit of leisure, comfort and warmth. Material: Comprehensive use of diversified materials. Products are made of high-density fiberboard as the base material. The exterior is decorated with imported American oak bark. Because the oak has a hard texture, clear annual rings, distinct depths, rich arts and sciences, and a strong and real sense of three-dimensionality, it is made of open paint High-quality materials for board solid furniture. The surface is decorated with the new Italian paint technology, scratch-resistant, corrosion-resistant, peel-resistant, environmentally friendly, and natural, bringing people closer to the forest. Combined with the technical use of solid wood, leather, metal, glass, cloth and other materials, each piece of wood leather goods is more colorful and texture. And glass and metal are used appropriately, showing a sense of elegance, deepness, clarity, and modernity in a hint of tough, cold, and surreal.
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