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Small knowledge of solid wood furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-23
To buy solid wood furniture, we must first understand what solid wood furniture is. According to the concept officially established in the 'First China Solid Wood Furniture Symposium' supported by the China Furniture Association, domestic industry and European furniture industry experts on April 29, 2002: Solid wood furniture refers to the use of wood tenon frame structure, with natural wood as the main body , Equipped with furniture made of wood-based panels and other materials. The texture of solid wood furniture is natural and the shape is changeable (such as curved surface and carved flower). Because it uses less glue, the environmental protection performance is higher than that of panel furniture. However, solid wood furniture also has obvious shortcomings: when making the load-bearing part of the furniture, if it is made of thin plates, such as side panels and frames, it is easier to deform; in addition, the stability of wood depends on the change of moisture content, and solid wood furniture will be affected by the surrounding area. Environmental influences change the moisture content when leaving the factory, and the change in moisture content will cause the furniture to deform and crack. Solid wood furniture can be divided into solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture, and solid wood surface furniture. Furniture made of the same log sawn timber is called all solid wood furniture; solid wood furniture refers to furniture made of more than two kinds of log sawn timber; solid wood furniture refers to furniture made of log sawn timber on the door and surface of the furniture. Except for a very small amount of solid wood products made from all-natural woods from precious tree species, most of today’s solid wood furniture is made of natural wood for the main body or the main part of the front face, and the rest are wood furniture made of wood-based panels. At the same time, the craftsmanship of solid wood furniture is also very particular. It is clear that the wood used to make solid wood furniture can be divided into high-grade wood and low-grade wood. High-grade woods include mahogany, teak, oak, cherry, etc. Among them, Thai teak and Burmese teak are the most authentic. Some of the woods called XX teak can not be called teak in the true sense. Therefore, when purchasing, the business must clearly write the scientific name of the wood on the contract, so as not to be shoddy. Among low-grade woods are pine, such as larch and Russian pine. The price of high-grade solid wood and low-grade solid wood is four to five times the difference between the price of the material itself, and the price gap of the finished product may be even greater. In the north, ordinary solid wood furniture usually uses beech, white oak, ash, elm, catalpa, rubber wood, and oak wood, while rare solid wood furniture mainly uses rosewood, wenge, and red sandalwood. At present, the solid wood furniture market often appears shoddy and confused tree species. It is better to buy branded products. At the same time, note that the price of wood will only get higher and higher, and it is usually fraudulent if it is too cheap. Observe whether the wood is good or bad. Open the furniture cabinet doors and drawers to observe whether the wood is dry and white, and the texture is tight and delicate. If the furniture made of particle board, density board and one-time forming board is used, it is required that the door or drawer of the cabinet is opened without pungent smell. For all solid wood furniture, it is enough to determine the material used in the furniture. So, for non-full solid wood furniture, what materials are used in each part of the furniture, you must figure out when you buy it. Generally, pine and mahogany furniture are mostly solid wood furniture, while teak furniture is mostly partial solid wood furniture. For example, teak wood is used for the front face, and other woods are used for plywood. Then when buying, the merchant must write clearly in the contract what kind of wood is used for each part of the same furniture. Among the materials used in solid wood furniture, there are pure solid wood panels and direct panels. The pure solid wood board is a whole piece of log sawn timber, and the direct board is spliced u200bu200bby some wood scraps. This seems to be a manufacturing process problem, but it also has a lot to do with materials, especially direct wood. The direct wood currently on the market is generally rubber wood. In many cases, businesses or manufacturers will use rubber wood to pretend to be oak. These two materials are very different in terms of material and price. Rubber wood is generally domestically produced, while oak is only imported (usually imported from the United States and Australia). In addition, pay attention to the moisture content and origin of solid wood furniture wood. The climate of various regions in the country has an impact on the moisture content of wood. The moisture content of wood should not be higher than 1% of the local equilibrium moisture content of the area where it is used. song. Therefore, it is not important to buy solid wood furniture produced by companies with good drying equipment and drying technology. The solid wood furniture produced locally or in other places is not important. The key is whether its moisture content is consistent with the equilibrium moisture content of the area in which it is used. Repair damaged solid wood furniture furniture damage can be repaired with some small methods. If the paint color is dim, there are two ways to restore the luster of the wooden furniture paint surface: one is to use a cup of water and a quarter cup of vinegar, and wipe it with a soft cloth; the other is to soak the soft cloth with alcohol, toilet water, or tea water. Wipe and wipe the floor wax again. If a small piece of paint on the surface of the varnished furniture is peeled off, it can be painted with the same color paint, and then painted on the surface with varnish to be as good as before. There are two ways to repair cracks and holes on tables, chairs, and cabinets: one is to cut old books and newspapers into scraps, add an appropriate amount of alum, and boil it with water to form a paste, embed it in the seam, and it will be very firm after drying; White glue is mixed with wood chips to adjust evenly, embedded in cracks, and polished with sandpaper after a day and night, which is simple and economical. If the hinge is loose, take wood as thin as chopsticks, sharpen the tip, apply white glue, and hammer in the wood screw hole. After hammering in, break the wood strip, and then re-thread the wood screw to tighten it. In addition, if the wooden furniture is used for a long time, the drawer may become astringent. In this case, the drawer can be pulled out and turned over, and a layer of candle oil can be burnt on the drawer channel with an electric iron to make the oil seep into the wood. Use the same method to burn candle oil on the corresponding path of the table and cabinet to reduce the wear of the drawer.
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