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Small knowledge of panel furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-24
Panel furniture mainly includes panel-wood combined furniture and pure panel furniture. Board-wood combined furniture refers to the solid wood used for the main support frame, and most of the rest are furniture products made of wood composite materials. Pure panel furniture refers to furniture made of plywood, MDF and particleboard materials. Most consumers always think that panel furniture is inferior to solid wood furniture as orthodox and high-end, but in fact, from the perspective of use and appearance, there is not much difference between the two. Panel furniture has many special advantages. One is good toughness, good dimensional stability during the manufacturing process, easy to be laid, and even bent into various shapes, with a perfect and generous appearance; secondly, the raw materials are generally used in the molding and production process of advanced equipment and processing technology, furniture products The quality has become more stable, and the structurally improved weaknesses of solid wood panels that are easy to crack and break. The made furniture has good scratch resistance, burning resistance, and pollution resistance. Third, as long as it is not immersed in water for a long time, Wood composite panels generally do not warp and deform. Compared with some low- and medium-grade solid wood furniture, which gradually undergoes decay and deformation due to poor material or high moisture content, it has more advantages. From the price point of view, due to the difference in material costs and processing costs, panel furniture is relatively cheaper than solid wood furniture. In addition, the country also strongly encourages consumers to use panel furniture, because a large amount of precious hardwood materials can be saved, which is conducive to protecting forest resources and the environment. There is a certain degree of particularity in choosing wood. According to experts, first, the structure must be firm, the frame must not be loose when shaken vigorously; broken tenons and material are not allowed; do not buy the 'three-one' that uses a saw and a saw, a nail and a paint. 'Furniture; do not buy 'three-no' structural furniture with 'no grooves, no mortises, no bottoms'. Secondly, the manufacturing process should be fine, the edge sealing treatment should be tight, and the panel paint film should be flat and smooth.
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