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Small household items to prevent bumps

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-04
When a baby starts to learn to crawl, on the one hand it means that the baby’s growth begins to require more exercise and exploration. On the other hand, it also means that the parents’ eyes must follow the baby closely, otherwise there may be dangers such as pointed table corners. Sharp door frames, open power...doors, etc. can harm your baby. What we have to do is to create a relatively safe environment for the baby, not to restrict the baby's activities for safety. So, how to prevent the baby from being harmed? A few tricks for you. 1. Anti-collision table corners When babies are crawling and toddlers, they may have 'close contact' with furniture at any time. Those sharp corners can be very dangerous for babies. In this case, remind you that it can be installed on the corner of the anti-collision table. With this gadget, you can prevent your baby from being bruised by the sharp corner of the table. There are spherical shapes and right-angle shapes. Parents can choose according to their own home conditions. Installation location: table corners, bed corners, bookcases, staircase corners, etc. in general households. 2. Drawer safety locks Now many families have drawers without locks. In order to prevent babies from getting caught when they pull the drawers, many mothers buy several drawer safety locks. There are more drawer safety locks on the market with suction cups, which are only suitable for drawers with smooth surfaces. The price is below 10 yuan. Extended reading: the detailed design of children's furniture 3. The anti-collision strip is a rubber band that can be pasted. Stick the sticky side to the side of the wall and furniture. If the baby accidentally bumps into it, because it is protected by a soft rubber band, it will not be severely knocked. The surface is relatively round, and it is mainly attached to furniture with sharp edges. It will not hurt if the baby hits it. However, some mothers reported that some anti-collision strips are not sticky and are easy to be dug out by the baby or fall off by themselves, so it is best to buy a few pieces and try them before purchasing in large quantities. The price is generally 5-20 yuan/meter, and you can buy it in building materials supermarkets and homeware online stores. 4. Electric shock-proof socket cover. According to the mother’s experience, this thing may have no protective effect on children over two years old, because curious children will go and pull out the cover, so when using the cover, it is still You have to educate your children again and again that these sockets must never be touched. The price is a few cents to a few yuan, mainly to prevent the baby from sticking his finger into the socket to cause electric shock. Extended reading: Pay attention to the sequence when buying children's furniture. 5. The safety door card is clamped on the door panel. When the baby pushes the door or closes the door, the door cannot be closed, and naturally, the finger will not be caught. The price is below 10 yuan and it is easy to buy online.
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