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Six-class classification of mahogany

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-29
The types of mahogany wood used in mahogany furniture on the market are more diverse, including the more expensive red sandalwood and rosewood. Red sandalwood is divided into small leaf red sandalwood and large leaf red sandalwood. Rosewood includes Hainan huanghuali and Vietnamese huanghuali. In addition, It also includes a variety of wood species such as chicken wing wood and red rosewood. Although it is comprehensively evaluated from the rareness of the wood species and the value of the material itself, the mahogany wood species is also divided into three or six grades, which can be specifically divided into six grades. When it is certain that these types of wood species can be classified into the category of mahogany, it shows its value in itself. At the same time, there are certain differences and advantages and disadvantages between several different types of mahogany. Therefore, you cannot subjectively overestimate or underestimate the value of any type of mahogany in terms of grade and price. Different mahogany is used in different mahogany crafts, Woodcarving crafts or mahogany furniture can reflect different values. At the same time, consumers are reminded that when purchasing mahogany products, they need to be extra cautious in identifying the material of mahogany products. So how are the mahogany grades classified, and which type of mahogany is the best? Is the price more expensive? The following is a detailed introduction of several common mahogany wood species on the market according to the classification of mahogany grades. The sixth-class South American, African rosewood, South American, and African rosewood furniture is durable, but does not have the value of handed down. It needs to be explained that the rosewood furniture of South America and Africa has been integrated into the consumer ranks of mass furniture, and the demand is large. The potential is immeasurable. At present, South American and African rosewood have been included in the category of mahogany in the market. It can satisfy the consumer psychology of general consumers of 'owning a set of mahogany furniture at the price of solid wood furniture'. Further reading: Are African rosewood and African yellow rosewood the same kind of wood? The fifth class 'red sandalwood' and white rosewood      leguminous 'red sandalwood' wood and South American and African white rosewood. The quality and price of rosewood in Southeast Asia are better than those of ordinary rosewood in South America and Africa. Chicken wing wood is now on the market for legume 'red sandalwood' furniture (some are ironwood), and some have sold for the price of 'red rosewood'. In fact, this is misled by the word 'tan' because of Red sandalwood, black sandalwood, then red sandalwood must be the third class, in fact, 'red sandalwood' is a redwood raw material with an unclear concept and many varieties. Among the mahogany, the red sandalwood, rosewood, rosewood, chicken wings, the four famous ones, the legume dark red and purple hardwoods produced in the tropical rain forest, are collectively called red sandalwood. The red sandalwood is a modern name, and the concept is more tolerant, so it is generally not included in the collection list. Of course, red sandalwood furniture with smooth wood grain (close to rosewood) and uniform color is also a high-grade mahogany furniture, and its difficulty is that consumers are difficult to identify. The fourth grade is other rosewoods such as yellow rosewood and white rosewood in Southeast Asia, including red rosewood produced in regions with poor market recognition (South Africa, South America). This is the mainstream product of Chinese rosewood furniture, called Mid-range mahogany furniture. The market price of a bedroom furniture is generally around 35,000 to 50,000 yuan.    The third grade is red rosewood.    The traditional Chinese 'Old Redwood' is made of red rosewood red rosewood from India, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, southern Myanmar, Indonesia and other Southeast Asian regions. Strictly speaking, bedroom furniture made of red rosewood (origin in Southeast Asia) generally sells for RMB 50,000-80,000. When the material is the same, the price depends on its craftsmanship and workmanship. Such high-end red rosewood furniture is not much in the market.     second-class black rosewood, ebony wood   This is the best mahogany furniture that can be seen in the current market. Since the red sandalwood in Southeast Asia has been extinct, the black rosewood is generally called 'red sandalwood' in the market. Black rosewood bedroom (five pieces) black rosewood, ebony wood furniture sets, the market price is about 100,000 to 150,000 yuan, but the quantity is relatively small, it is rare to see. This is mahogany furniture that can be handed down for generations to add and maintain its value. The African red sandalwood and mahogany furniture experts do not approve of its value. The main reason is that the African red sandalwood furniture has a short period of time and there are no handed down works, let alone entering the auction collection market. I believe that over time As time goes by, African rosewood furniture will glow with its splendid brilliance. As the first collection of 'new mahogany First class Hainan huanghuali and Indian red sandalwood     refers to China's Hainan huanghuali and Indian red sandalwood. The two types of rosewood are basically out of print, and almost all of the finished furniture has entered the auction collection market. The price of a piece of furniture is hundreds of thousands or millions of yuan. The sapling of Huanghuali in Hainan, China is currently only 4-5 cm in diameter. It is estimated that it will take hundreds of years before it can be used as a complete set of furniture (bedroom, study, living room). It may be African 'red sandalwood' or other high-grade mahogany (black rosewood). To be fair, African red sandalwood is also red sandalwood. Some people in the market do not agree with its market value and think that it cannot be compared with Southeast Asian red sandalwood.
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