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Should mahogany furniture use 'glue'?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-30
Is there any 'glue' in the mahogany furniture known for its 'mortise and tenon structure'? Recently, consumer Mr. Huang discovered that there is a glue at the joint of his armchair, so he couldn't help but ask: 'Why is there 'glue' in mahogany furniture? Will mahogany furniture with 'glue' depreciate?' It was revealed that adding glue is actually a 'hidden ruleThe small amount of 'glue' in the mahogany furniture plays a role of reinforcement. When Mr. Huang was doing maintenance for the chair at home, he found that some of the joints of the tenon-and-mortise structure had a solid similar to dried 'glue'. After some inquiries, the shopping guide of the purchased brand gave the answer: There is indeed a small amount of 'glue' at the joint of the tenon-and-mortise structure of this set of furniture, and these 'glues' are used to reinforce the furniture. Does the mahogany furniture in the market have an inseparable relationship with 'glue'? With doubts, the author came to a mainstream mahogany furniture store for on-site visits. During the visit, the shopping guides of mahogany furniture brands such as Youlian, Yuanhengli, Xuanming Dianju, and Zitan Jiayuan all stated that some of their products are indeed reinforced with “glue” at the joints of the tenon-and-mortise structure. In this regard, Fu Junmin, general manager of Xuanming Dianju Mahogany Furniture, said bluntly that almost 99% of the products in the mahogany furniture market use 'glue'. 'Glue' plays two roles in mahogany furniture: one is to strengthen the tenon and tenon structure that is not 100% rigorous; the other is to make hardwood furniture made of natural wood undergo thermal expansion and contraction. After that, the stability can be ensured, and it is not easy to deform and crack. So, has consumers listened to the fresh 'mahogany furniture reinforced by glueYuan Henry Hardwood Furniture Chairman Yang Bo and Youlian Weijia Mahogany Furniture General Manager Pan Haiying both agreed. Among them, Yuan Henry Yang Bo said that in order to make the furniture structure more stable and have a longer service life, ancient mahogany furniture would also be reinforced with some kind of adhesive, but at that time it used fish skin swim bladder and other natural materials. The 'glue' made of materials is more environmentally friendly. A small amount of natural 'glue' will not reduce the environmental protection coefficient of mahogany furniture. Will the existence of 'glue' at the mortise and tenon structure of mahogany furniture reduce the 'environmental coefficient' of mahogany furniture when consumers buy more secure in regular stores? In this regard, Luo Xin, director of the Beijing (Real Estate) Wood Furniture Quality Supervision and Inspection Station, said that since the production process does not require pressure, most of the high-polluting adhesives such as “urea-formaldehyde glue” will not appear in mahogany furniture. If the natural rubber used to strengthen the tenon and tenon joint structure is completely harmless to the human body, if it is the chemical glue, it will volatilize in a short time due to the small amount and will not cause harm to the human body. However, the testing standards for mahogany furniture mainly refer to the hardwood furniture standards, and the tree species and quality are the focus of the inspection when submitting for inspection, and the 'environmental protection index' will not be tested. Therefore, consumers should be cautious when buying, and try to choose regular stores. The production of 'glue-free' mahogany furniture is time-consuming and laborious. Need to customize Is there any glue-free mahogany furniture? Long Shuncheng Chinese furniture consultant and intangible cultural heritage inheritor, Guiyou, told the author that mahogany furniture is actually divided into two types: glued (non-removable) and non-sticky (removable). Furniture with 'glue' is usually not perfect in production technology. 'Glue' is used to make up for the loose joints caused by the imprecise mortise and tenon structure; furniture without 'glue' has extremely high requirements for the design and manual skills of the mortise and tenon structure, and the relative cost is And the price is higher. Yuan Henry Yang Bo also said that 'glued-free' mahogany furniture needs to be customized, and its price is 10%-20% higher than that of 'glued' furniture. Xuan Mingdian Jufu Junmin gave a reminder that consumers can ask the merchant to disassemble and assemble on-site or have them specify in the contract when buying whether there is glue or no glue. In addition, consumers need to understand that there is a fundamental difference between 'reinforcement with glue' and 'connection with glue'. At present, some manufacturers directly use glue to glue the parts of mahogany furniture. This purely 'gluing' approach violates industry rules.
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