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Should I decorate first or buy furniture first

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-04-02
'Renovate first and then buy furniture, or buy furniture first and then renovate?' Now it is the peak season for the decoration of Jinjiuyinshi, and many owners are facing such a problem. Decorating first is the traditional approach The traditional home improvement approach is to decorate first and then buy furniture. After the owner gets the house, he first asks the workers to make water and electricity renovations, paint the walls and lay bricks, and then choose furniture after the project is over. In the drying stage after the completion of the basic project, the owner has sufficient time to visit the store to select furniture. 'The decoration plan hasn't been decided yet. How can we buy furniture first?' Netizen Xiaoli believes that buying furniture should not be rushed. In his opinion, the decoration is to consider the overall style, and the furniture is used to match the overall style, and it is far easier to change the furniture than to change the style. Secondly, furniture can be customized and can be customized according to personal preferences. Therefore, 'Of course, you should first look at what style you like, and then choose furniture!' The call for “buy furniture first and then decorate” is also increasing. Many owners do not know what kind of decoration style they like. The furniture is distinguished by obvious styles. If the furniture is selected first, the designer can see the customer's preference from the style of the furniture, and then finalize the decoration style. Some owners believe that by choosing furniture before decoration, proper space can be reserved for furniture in the design plan, and unnecessary space waste can be avoided. When the owner, Ms. Zhao, first renovated, she ran a lot of furniture stores with the design drawings, but couldn't buy suitable furniture. With the last experience, she now insists that she must buy furniture first, and then ask the designer to design around the furniture. And Mr. Wang also has his own set of ideas. He thinks that he can save a lot of money by ordering furniture in advance during the promotion season. The decoration focuses on overall planning. Although both parties have their own views on the debate of 'buy furniture first or decorate firstBuy furniture.” In this regard, the designer said that it is not necessary to buy furniture first. You can first look at the furniture and first go to the market to understand the size, color, style, etc. of the furniture. The design in the early stage should fully consider the decoration in the later stage. If there is overall planning and overall planning, the difference between whether or not to buy furniture first is not very big. In addition, some home improvement companies have begun to provide products and services such as furniture and accessories, and have realized complete home furnishing solutions, eliminating consumers' worries.
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