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Several major contradictions in modern furniture configuration

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-14
The contradiction between supporting facilities and funds has limited money to buy a piece of high-end furniture or a set of mid-range furniture. How is it good? At this time, you should abide by the principle of 'a little less, a little more refinedThe contradiction between luxury and simplicity. When choosing furniture, you should focus on 'matt' original wood color and natural wood grain furniture. In this way, the eyes are easy to relax and recuperate. As for the satisfaction of the 'luxury psychologyThe contradiction between comfort and size. Nowadays, homes have a tendency to develop into larger sizes, which are more comfortable and functional, but after entering a smaller space, they are psychologically 'blocked.' Therefore, buying furniture should match the size of the room, and don't blindly ask for it. People have the desire to purchase matching furniture and decorate their homes again after they have a relatively large new home and spend a certain amount of money on decoration. However, this is the time when financial resources are relatively tight. Therefore, many people buy furniture that is 'willing'.
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