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Several counterfeit methods to identify old furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-12
There are two main methods for counterfeiting old wood furniture: using parts of antique furniture to piece together and creating traces of use. 1. Piece together furniture 1. Use complete ancient furniture mixed with common wood to piece together and change into multiple pieces to make high profits. The specific method is to disassemble a piece of ancient furniture, imitate one or more pieces according to the original components, then mix the new and old components, and assemble them into two or more pieces of furniture each containing some old components according to the original style. The most common example is to change a chair into a pair of chairs, which is called the restoration of old objects. This kind of forgery is the worst. It is not only extremely deceptive, but also severely destroys precious ancient cultural relics. 2. Utilizing the characteristics of wood types that are not easy to distinguish, furniture made of poorer wood can be mixed with furniture made of better wood. This kind of nondescript ancient furniture, which has little practical value and lack of collection value, is easy for ordinary people to be deceived. It is not difficult for consumers who understand wood to carefully compare the various components of the furniture. Extended reading: Restoration process of old furniture. Second, manufacturing traces of use. Pour rice water and tea water on the newly made furniture, and then put it on the outdoor mud and let it be exposed to the sun and rain. Repeatedly in two or three months After a few times, the wood grain will naturally crack, the paint will be cracked and peeled off, and the color of the logs will be dark, showing an old atmosphere that has gone through wind and rain, as if it has been concentrated in it for decades and hundreds of years. The water stains of genuine products are generally no more than one inch, and the fake ones often exceed a lot. For some furniture that is frequently used, such as tables and cabinets, counterfeiters usually use steel wire balls to wipe out marks on the surface, and then burn the marks with a teacup after painting, and make a few marks with a knife. It looks like it is used. The same for decades. Extended reading: Decorating new homes with old furniture is elegant and fashionable. In order to make a patina, some counterfeiters often use lacquer and wax to fake, and even use shoe polish. But the naturally formed patina does not feel the slightest chill, but has a soft and slippery sensation, while the newly made patina has a sticky feeling and has a strange smell. If you observe carefully, it is not difficult to distinguish the authenticity. This method is also one of the most commonly used and effective methods. In order to achieve a more realistic effect, some bosses also make holes in the drawer panels of the furniture that have been bitten by mice, or use old materials that have been eaten by insects to make them on key parts. What is more, they have raised insects to eat out. Special effect.
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