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Seven Ways to Identify Oak Furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-20
When identifying the quality of oak and the difference between oak furniture and counterfeit oak furniture, you need to master the following seven points: 1. Whether the wood is fine and clean, the oak wood is coarser. If it is to be made into furniture, it must be painted with dark paint (commonly known as 'mixed water'). Therefore, if you buy dark-painted oak furniture, you must be careful. It is best to look carefully at the wood of the furniture that is not painted dark wood (such as the inner or bottom of the furniture). As for the miscellaneous wood furniture, there is no fine cleanness characteristic of oak furniture. 2. The wood grain is clear and beautiful. Oak furniture has a unique wood grain. The clearer the grain, the higher the value. As for aesthetics, it is related to the aesthetics and aesthetic level of the purchaser. But one thing is certain, like Yuhua Stone, the stronger the pattern and 'pictographicity' of the natural patterns on the surface, the better. The closer the pattern is to the real facts in the world, the higher the value. The mixed wood furniture does not have the unique wood grain of oak furniture. 3. Whether the wood color is pure oak furniture is best to choose the 'natural colorThe surface coating should not change or conceal the natural color of the wood. In this way, it is easier to identify whether the material of the furniture is real oak, and it is currently the most valuable in the collection of natural colors in the world. There are many oak furniture on the market that are of poor quality, which will undoubtedly reduce their collection value. Inferior products, most of the wood color is not pure, and even has spots and black spots. 4. Whether the wood is dry or not, because the oak texture is particularly hard and heavy, it is difficult to remove the water after the tree is felled. Many furniture dealers are eager to make a profit. They make furniture when the wood is not completely dry, and furniture made of wood that has not yet removed moisture does not begin to deform until a year or a half. At this time, it may be more difficult for consumers to get compensation for their losses. 5. Whether the wood is straight due to the fact that oak is prone to 'lost' during the dehydration process, so after dehydration, many oaks are no longer suitable for use as furniture materials due to bending and deformation. However, because oak wood is more expensive, many manufacturers still use this deformed wood to make furniture. Some manufacturers, in order to increase the weight of southern hardwoods, so as to counterfeit oak, deliberately do not dry the water in hardwoods. If consumers purchase furniture made of this wood, the loss will be even greater. 6. Whether the weight is heavy The weight of oak furniture is quite heavy, the heavier the better when the wood is dry. 7. Whether the production is exquisite The current level of oak furniture production on the market varies greatly. Some are quite beautiful, some are rough. Exquisite production is also one of the references for identifying oak furniture.
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