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Rural style of furniture style

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-04-06
Pastoral style refers to something that has a 'pastoral' style. Some specific expressions are as follows: Taking the unique natural characteristics of fields and gardens as formal means, they can express works or genres with a certain degree of rural life or rural artistic characteristics, showing natural and leisure content. Pastoral style is divided into English pastoral, American country, Chinese pastoral, French pastoral, South Asian pastoral, etc., so the furniture style is more differentiated from category. Sofas and coffee tables mostly choose pure solid wood (commonly used white oak) as the skeleton, with white paint on the outside, and the available soft cushions with flowers and plants, which are comfortable to sit up and beautiful, and the cost is relatively high. In addition, there are also the more commonly used all-fabric art Sofas. Most of these sofas have no corners and are mainly composed of two and three persons. The patterns are mostly flowers and plants, and the colors are more elegant, with wooden light-grained coffee tables; dining tables and chairs are mostly white and wooden. There are many, there are chairs with cushions, and chairs without cushions. The wooden surface paint may reflect wood grain, or pure white enamel paint, but there will be no complicated patterns. The fabric pattern of the cushion is also According to the overall style, the choice is of course still mainly flowers and plants, reflecting the natural sense of the countryside. Tables and chairs are not completely arranged when matching, and a relaxed attitude towards life can better reflect this style. Beds and bedside tables. There are not many beds that can reflect the country style. Most of the ones we see are mainly white, pink, and green fabrics. There are also pure white bedsides with hand-painted patterns, but this does not fully reflect that. Kind of style characteristics.
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