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Rosewood knowledge: Madagascar rosewood and Burmese rosewood

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-28
At present, in the domestic timber market, there are two types of Madagascar rosewood, one is Dalbergia louvelii, commonly known as 'Dalbergia louveliiOne is Dalbergia greveana, commonly known as 'Barisanranch'. In the classification of red and black rosewood, wood experts identify 'wood species' based on tree species, while folks are used to distinguishing 'wood species' by wood color (color), so some misunderstandings often occur. Cause consumer complaints. In the mahogany furniture industry, Madagascar rosewood as a valuable furniture material has always been rising in raw material prices. From the perspective of the development trend of furniture materials, Madagascar rosewood will gradually replace the existing Southeast Asian rosewood and become the mainstream consumption of rosewood. One (the other type of timber is 'Burmese rosewood'). Related reading: 'Identity card' hides the tricks and teaches you to choose the right mahogany furniture. In the domestic mahogany furniture market, the most common rosewood furniture is Burmese rosewood furniture. The materials used can be divided into two types according to different tree species. One One species is the knife-shaped black rosewood (Dalbergia cultrata) commonly known as 'Burmese black woodDalbergia oliveri (Dalbergia oliveri) is now classified as 'red rosewood' in the national standard 'Redwood'. In the field of mahogany furniture manufacturing, the knife-shaped black rosewood and the black rosewood (Dalbergia fusca) mainly produced in Cambodia are indistinguishable in use, and can be regarded as the same 'wood species. The similar situation is 'Madagascar black rosewoodIn folk, 'red rosewood' originally refers to Dalbergia cochinchinensis (Dalbergia cochinchinensis) produced in the Indochina Peninsula (Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos). Some people call it 'Siamese rosewood' (abbreviated as 'Sichuan acid') or 'old mahogany'. 'Myanmar Red Rosewood' is the largest rosewood in the domestic timber market. In the past six months, with the adjustment of import taxes and border trade policies, its price has risen by nearly 50%, and is now about 12,000 yuan per cubic meter. With the continuous increase in the price of rosewood commercial materials, some small factories that lack integrity in the rosewood furniture market have used Burkea fricana from Africa as a substitute for 'Burkea fricana'. Some factories label Burksawood as 'African rosewood.'
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