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Rosewood Dalbergia for Mahogany Furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-01
English name: Tulipwood Latin name: Dalbergia frutescens (also Dalbergia decipularis) Normative name: Dalbergia fluffy English alias: Brazilan tulipwood, Pinkwood irregular name: Tulipwood fluffy Dalbergia, is a classic furniture material, belonging to butterfly flowers Dalbergia, classified as red rosewood in the national standard 'Redwood' GB/T18107-2000 'Redwood'. The trees are relatively small, with a height of 6 to 10 meters and a diameter of about 40 cm. They grow very slowly. Although the trees are small, it takes hundreds of years to grow. Main producing areas: Brazil and other tropical American woods with characteristic diffuse porosity to semi-annular porosity. The growth ring is obvious. The heartwood is reddish, purplish red, often with dark reddish brown or orange reddish brown stripes. The tube holes are slightly visible under the naked eye, the chord diameter is up to 309μm, with an average of 154μm; the number is very small, 2-8 per mm2. The axial parenchyma is obvious under the magnifying glass, mainly in the form of scattered aggregation, converging wing shape, ring tube bundle shape and thin line shape. Wood fiber wall thickness. Wood rays can be seen under a magnifying glass; wave marks are also the same; the ray organization has the same shape in single row and multiple rows, and has a tendency of heteromorphic type III. No or very weak acid aroma; fine structure; texture usually straight; air-dry density O. 90~1.10 g/cm3. Medium to hard texture, high strength, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, termite resistance, not affected by geographic climate and other factors, small wet rise changes, medium chord direction, medium to thin structure, good pressure and bending force . The processing performance is good, the surface of the board is smooth after processing, and the dimensional stability of the dry material is excellent. The heartwood has a special visual impact. It is grass yellow with irregular patterns and mixed with yellow rose, pink and purple tones. The color becomes lighter as the tree ages. The polished and painted effect is vivid and beautiful. Usually the wood grains are staggered and regular, and the wood grains often have golden or yellow-brown stripes in the dark brown. The pattern of mountain peaks and tiger skin is very obvious, the luster is bright, and it naturally forms peculiar and beautiful patterns, which are beautiful and vivid, giving people an antique feeling. Because of the high density of Dalbergia vellus, it is difficult to process and has a passivating effect on the cutting tool. Rich in natural oils, it is not easy to glue. The turning performance is very good, suitable for high-brightness polishing. At present, it is mainly used to make durable high-end furniture, sculptures, musical instruments, interior decoration, flooring, and various decoration and boutique fields.
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