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Resolve the benefits of various woods to the human body

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-04
Did you know that wood can not only be used as a raw material for furniture, but it also has many benefits to the human body? Choose the right wood, choose the right furniture, and increase health insurance. Agarwood: the king of incense, the first of all incense, one or two sinking one or two gold, is a treasure recognized by the world's five major religions. It has the effects of clearing the human spirit, replenishing the five internal organs, replenishing essence and yang, warming the waist and knees, and treating asthma. Huanghuali: The color is yellow and luster, the material is fine, and the texture is soft. It has the effect of relieving rheumatism, low back pain, high blood pressure and stomach pain. Small leaf red sandalwood: the wood of the emperor, used by the royal court, inch gold inch sandalwood, hard texture, fine texture. It has the effects of regulating qi and blood, soothing the nerves, helping sleep, preventing wrinkles, and regulating the heart, kidney, liver, and stomach. Related reading: What I have to say about Pterocarpus lobularii Jinsi Nanmu: The texture is gentle and soft, the texture is delicate and accessible, and the fragrance is bursting. It has the effects of rejuvenating the spleen, dispelling dampness, eliminating illnesses, regulating health and vitality, driving away evils, and attracting wealth and happiness. Sandalwood: high oil quality, good hand feeling, hard texture, smooth and delicate, mellow aroma. It has the effects of soothing nerves, curing sore throat, acne, anti-infection, anti-asthma, conditioning aging skin, removing evil, sterilizing and refreshing. Ebony: compact and hard texture, colorful and changeable, fragrance is eternal, and it is not invaded by poisons, and can prevent evil and cure diseases. It is often used as a mascot to ensure safety and auspiciousness. Taxus chinensis: natural color, immortality, fine and smooth texture, smooth and mellow. It has the effects of preventing cancer, anti-inflammatory and improving immunity. Jin Yao Tan: Also known as Yao Tan, it is named because of its smell of refreshing, reducing fire and pain, and because of its color like gold, it is also called Jin Yao Tan, known as the sacred object of warding off evil spirits. Red rosewood: warm texture, hard and wear-resistant, sour and pleasant. Wearing can increase wisdom and charm. Bodhi: It is the fruit of the Tibetan bo-di-ci, not the fruit of the Bodhi tree. It is produced near the snow-capped mountains. Bodhi root is not a tree root, but a kind of tree seed called bay leaf palm. Bodhi seeds and Bodhi roots are Buddhist sacred objects, which can expel evil and eliminate calamities, avoid disasters and increase wisdom, and bring people peace, auspiciousness, wealth and health.
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