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Renovate old furniture, your life will become very interesting!

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-08
As time goes by, furniture will slowly lose its own unique style. And you have already regarded it as a member of the family, do you feel a little bit reluctant and don't want to throw it away? So, in that case, why not try to remodel the furniture yourself? Wear new clothes for old furniture. Some old furniture has a good shape, but the color is old or does not match the overall decoration style, so you only need to make some changes in the color. If you love DIY, you can also draw some patterns on the furniture by hand, add your own creative ideas, and you will have different effects immediately. If you don't like this one, even if you don't hand-paint it, just get a simple flower behind the door and it will look much better. Disassembling old furniture Sometimes some big pieces of furniture are really difficult to remodel, so you might as well take it apart and make full use of it. Did you know that the leather stool can be turned into a coffee table? Look at the picture below, do you think this brain hole is particularly awesome! Such an interesting handicraft, we can't wait to share its production steps with you. The method of making a leather stool into a practical and multifunctional coffee table: First, remove a number of legs from the old furniture and install it at the bottom, or use other materials of the same principle to raise the stool; secondly, make a beautiful one according to the overall color of the home The stool cover made the space cute and playful; finally, a few large pockets were sewn on the side of the stool using scrap fabric to store the sundries in the sofa area. Changing the function of old items, everyone will say that they know that hats are worn on their heads, bicycles are used for riding, and drawers are used for storage... but are you sure? After reading this, if everyone is particularly excited, then we will share this secret. Three secrets for turning a cart into a storage side table: first, use spring-like grass green paint to cover the original dull wood texture; second, use white, red and green mosaics to pave on the countertop The pattern of the scene is used as decoration; third, the natural-style rattan storage basket is used to make the storage pattern of the entire furniture more reasonable. Extended reading: How to refurbish old furniture milk box storage boxes Every family has some abandoned milk boxes. Don't think that some empty milk boxes are useless. Look at the renderings above, it is worth to try. 1. We need several cartons of milk, normal size. 2. Need a pen and ruler to draw the cutting line. 3. We need to use scissors to cut a suitable shape along the drawn line. Fourth, it can be finished by decorating with colorful stickers. A sturdy and durable paper document storage box is thus completed. Through the transformation of the above several old things, do you think that furniture renovation and furniture production are actually very simple? Find the old furniture around you and make some renovations. Your life will become very interesting!
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