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Refuse to be fooled! Really understand what is mahogany

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-05
When mahogany is loved by more and more people, it has also become synonymous with high-end furniture. It seems that whenever 'mahogany furniture' is mentioned, it has been matched with high-end, luxurious and expensive. The same is wood, but the value of mahogany is always several times or more expensive than other boards, so there is no shortage of illegal merchants to replace it with other wood. Small leaf red sandalwood, huanghuali, chicken wing wood, etc. belong to the well-known mahogany, but there are 33 kinds of mahogany specified in the national standard of mahogany. Come and recognize them, don't be fooled anymore. 1. Leguminous-Butterfly Subfamily-Pterocarpus-Pterocarpus Pterocarpus Sandalwood, produced in India, commonly known as Pterocarpus striata. Very precious. 2. Leguminosae-butterfly subfamily-Pterocarpus-rosewood Andaman rosewood, mainly produced in India and the Andaman Islands. Big fruit red sandalwood, produced in Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and other places, is commonly known as Burmese rosewood. Hedgehog red sandalwood, mainly produced in tropical Africa, is commonly known as African huanghua pear. Bird's foot red sandalwood is mainly produced in Southeast Asia and the Indochina Peninsula. It is commonly known as Laos rosewood and Southeast Asian rosewood. Indian red sandalwood, produced in India, Burma and other places, red sandalwood belongs to the rosewood category, not small leaf red sandalwood. Cystic red sandalwood, mainly produced in India, is commonly known as Malaba red sandalwood. Vietnam-Cambodia rosewood is produced in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and other places. 3. Leguminous-butterfly subfamily-Dalbergia-red rosewood type Dalbergia paris, mainly produced in tropical Asia, commonly known as flowered wood. Dalbergia cochinensis is mainly produced in Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and other places, commonly known as Siamese rosewood and old mahogany. Dalbergia australis, produced in Burma, Thailand, Laos and other places, is commonly known as flowering rosewood and new mahogany. Dalbergia serrata, produced in Brazil, is commonly known as violet rosewood. Dalbergia villus, produced in Brazil, is commonly known as Dalbergia brasiliensis. Central American Dalbergia, produced in Central America. Dalbergia microconcave, produced in Central America, commonly known as Coco Polo. 4. Leguminosae-Butterfly subfamily-Dalbergia-Black rosewood Brazil Dalbergia, produced in Brazil, commonly known as Brazilian rosewood. Amazon Dalbergia, produced in Brazil. Belize Dalbergia, produced in the Belize region of Central America, is commonly known as Honduras rosewood. East African Black Dalbergia, produced in East Africa, commonly known as Ziguangtan. Dalbergia Lushi, produced in Madagascar, Africa, is commonly known as Pterocarpus macrophylla. It was used to pretend to be Pterocarpus pterocarpus in the past. Dalbergia hardwood, produced in India and Indonesia, is commonly known as Indian rosewood. Black Dalbergia, produced in Southeast Asia and Yunnan, commonly known as Banna Ebony. Knife-shaped black rosewood, produced in Burma, is commonly known as Burmese black rosewood. 5. Leguminosae-Butterfly Subfamily-Dalbergia-Dalbergia-Fragrant Branch Woods Dalbergia, produced in Hainan, commonly known as Hainan Huanghuali, is a very precious tree species, and its value is higher than that of Pterocarpus sibiricum. Related reading: Redwood culture: from 'making furniture' to 'making culture' 6. Leguminosae-Papilione subfamily-Dalbergia-Wenge type African jasmine, produced in the Congo region of Africa, commonly known as African wenge. Baihuaya peas, produced in Myanmar, Thailand and other places, commonly known as Burmese wenge and black chicken wings. Ironwood, produced in Southeast Asia and Yunnan, commonly known as Bombay Ebony and Bombay Rosewood. 7. Persimmon family-Diospyros-striped ebony Philippine ebony, produced in the Philippines. Maoyao ebony, produced in the Philippines. Ponce ebony, produced in the Philippines. Sulawesi ebony, produced in Sulawesi, Indonesia, is commonly known as Indonesian ebony. Thick petals of ebony, mainly produced in tropical West Africa, commonly known as ebony. Ebony, produced in Sri Lanka and southern India. Do you feel dizzy after reading these 33 types of wood? It turns out that Redwood still has these categories, so I won’t be afraid of being fooled anymore. Let’s get the new skill GET√.
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