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Red sandalwood furniture, green sandalwood furniture, ebony furniture, is mahogany furniture?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-27
The warming of red sandalwood has made the market 'sandalwood fever' everywhere. I don’t know when, all kinds of sandalwood, such as red sandalwood, green sandalwood, black sandalwood, etc., appeared in the market. So, what exactly are they? Is it mahogany? Today, we will work with you to reveal their true colors. 'The National Standard of the People's Republic of China (Redwood)' (referred to as 'Redwood National Standard') among the 5 categories and 8 categories, there is no such nicknames as red sandalwood, green sandalwood and black sandalwood. There are only 5 genera of Pterocarpus, Pterocarpus, Pterocarpus, Sorrel, and Persimmon, and none of these 5 genera specifically refer to a certain type of wood. For example, Pterocarpus is divided into Pterocarpus and rosewood. The red sandalwood and rosewood are divided into several wood types, and there are many types. Therefore, when purchasing mahogany furniture, consumers must ask the real name of the wood of the mahogany furniture purchased, and ask the store to issue a certificate of mahogany furniture material to prevent being deceived. Ebony mainly refers to ebony, which is a kind of mahogany, now commonly known in the world as 'black sandalwood' (or 'black rosewood') mainly refers to ebony. Ebony belongs to the genus Persimmon in the national mahogany standard. The color of its heartwood is black. When it is first sawn, it is light black with dark brown wood grain. It will gradually oxidize to dark black after many years, and it will be as black as ink after many years. Due to the wide variety of ebony, the quality is also very different. Generally, all black ebony has almost no pores, and it is mostly used to make fingerboards and accessories of high-end violins, and erhu. Extended reading: The daily maintenance of ebony furniture Lutan is just a common name, it is guaiac. 'Lutan' is not a scientific name, but a common name made by wood merchants or furniture manufacturers in order to raise prices. From ancient times to the present in China, it is customary to name wood based on its color and texture, such as red sandalwood, ebony, mahogany, huanghuali, and wenge. So 'green sandalwood' is just a common name. The wood commonly known as green sandalwood on the market mainly refers to guaiac wood. The end face of the guaiac wood log is densely covered with green spots. The diameter section shows different shades of green, with slender dark green or dark brown stripes; the heartwood is green or light green, and becomes lighter over time. Sawdust is green and sticky, and the water color becomes light green or dark green after being immersed in water. It is generally used in the production of Buddhist beads, Buddha statues, stationery (such as pen holders, rulers, etc.) and furniture in China. It is known as 'green sandalwood'. There is no such kind of wood in traditional Chinese furniture materials, and it has only entered our country in the past ten years. Red sandalwood refers to iron pigeon pea, not redwood. According to the GB/T15036.1-2001 'Solid Wood Flooring' supplementary provisions, there is no tree species named 'red sandalwood' or 'red sandalwood'. There is also no word 'red sandalwood' in 'Cihai'. The 'red sandalwood' on the market mainly refers to red iron pigeon peas, not rosewood. Extended reading: Types of red sandalwood furniture and identification methods The real name of 'red sandalwood' on the market is Swartizia spp. Iron pigeon pea. The heartwood is light red, yellow, and reddish brown, and it turns darker and purplish after a long time, and is often accompanied by dark and light stripes (like muscle fibers). Mainly used to make furniture, floors, sculptures, handicrafts, heavy structures, sports equipment, musical instruments, etc. The floor manufacturer is good-sounding, easy-to-remember, and shows valuable, so it is called 'red sandalwood'. Over time, 'red sandalwood' has become a common name. Therefore, the red sandalwood does not belong to the redwood in the national standard, but the red iron pigeon is commonly used in the market to imitate the red rosewood.
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