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Red rosewood for mahogany furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-01
1. The definition of red rosewood Red rosewood is a tree species of Dalbergia legume. It is called rosewood because of the unique sour aroma of rosewood in the new section. Mainly produced in Southeast Asia, it is one of 33 species of mahogany in 5 genera and 8 categories under the national standard of mahogany. Red rosewood is a large tropical evergreen tree. It is called 'old redwood' in northern my country, and called 'rosewood' in Guangdong and Guangxi. It is designated as 'red rosewood' in the 'National Redwood Standard2. The origin of red rosewood Currently on the market, red rosewood is mostly produced in Southeast Asia, mainly Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and other countries. Now the imported wood is mostly square lumber that has been roughed to remove the sapwood. Generally, the cross section is 30×30cm or more, and the large material can reach 50-60cm. The price is calculated in tons, and some are based on the basis. The red rosewood wood is also round, with a small diameter. It is mainly produced in Laos. It has a purplish red color with black vertical stripes (called 'black ribs' in the industry). Large sinking in the water, in this case, the previous stock is more; the material is slightly worse, the texture is similar, but the color is lighter, uneven, the density is less and more not sinking, and it is mainly produced in Myanmar. Third, the characteristics of red rosewood ① When the red rosewood is sawn, the wood emits a pungent fragrance, which smells sour and acrid. ②Color: Generally red and deep red, it can be dark red when oxidized in the air. ③Wood: hard and heavy, fine structure, heavy oil, can sink in water. ④ Bristle eyes: thin, small and dense. ⑤Texture: The wood grain is simple and beautiful, elegant and fresh, with dark brown or black straight silk-like stripes. 4. Classification of red rosewood 1. Dalbergia bariensis, a large tree, distributed in Southeast Asia; 2. Dalbergia cearensis, a large tree, mainly distributed in Brazil; 3. Dalbergia bariensis ( Dalbergia ochinchinensis), medium trees, mainly distributed in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia; 4. Dalbergia frulescensvar, large trees, mainly distributed in Brazil; 5. Central American Dalbergia (Dalbergia granadillo), large trees, mainly distributed In Central America, Mexico and other places; 6. Dalbergia oliveri, medium to large trees, mainly distributed in Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and Laos; 7. Dalbergia retusa, medium trees, mainly distributed In Central America. The above woods are all red rosewood, but the material of red rosewood is different. The color of the heartwood is dark or light, and the wood color is roughly divided into reddish and brownish. Reddish red rosewood: freshly cut heartwood is lemon red, reddish brown to purple reddish brown, often with obvious black stripes, heavy density, air-dry density 1.0g/cm3, and the main producing area is the Indochina Peninsula. The red rosewood that is common in the market has a straighter texture, with some chestnut brown stripes resembling black rosewood, which are called 'green tendons' in the industry, just like the blue tendons under the skin-blood vessels. The high-quality long-term setting will darken the color of the wood, from dark maroon to purple red. The color is similar to sandalwood and rosewood. The wood is as fine as that of Lushi black rosewood. It is the top grade of red rosewood. Brownish red rosewood: The new section of the heartwood is purple-red-brown or dark-red-brown, often with black-brown or chestnut-brown pinstripes. It is produced in Southeast Asia. The high-quality heartwood is purple-red or dark red-brown, and the stringed surface has fish skin patterns on the belly of yellow croaker. There are also special types of red rosewood. There are string sections with light-colored stripes like muscle fibers, which are slightly like wenge 'V'-shaped textures; there are also string sections with distorted and exaggerated and gorgeous patterns. The scientific name of red rosewood in Laos is purple elm vine, and it is designated as red rosewood in the National Standard of Redwood. It belongs to the red rosewood species of Dalbergia genus. It is mainly produced in Laos and can only be used for hundreds of years. The difference between red rosewood and black rosewood lies in the color of the heartwood. The color of black rosewood is chestnut brown, often with black stripes. Red rosewood is second only to Hainan yellow pear, small leaf red sandalwood, Vietnamese yellow pear, and black rosewood in the current rosewood market. It ranks No. 5 in the ranking of rosewood materials. The output of red rosewood is large. It has a wide material width, beautiful color and pattern, and excellent material. It is widely used in the production of various types and styles of mahogany classic furniture. It is also suitable for the production of decorative handicrafts, musical instruments, carvings, etc. It is more common in the current mahogany furniture market!
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