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Red oak and white oak are not just the difference in color

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-27
Many people mistakenly think that 'red oak is red oak and white oak is white oak'. In fact, it is not. The reason why red oak is called Red Oak is because its leaves become Red. As for the origin of the name White Oak, I am not very clear. Would you like to know how to distinguish between red oak and white oak? First of all, you must understand that what we call white oak or red oak is a general term for a variety of oak species. White oak does not refer to the oak of a specific tree species, nor does the red oak refer to the oak of a specific tree species. Although it is true that there is a tree species called Quercus alba which is literally translated as white oak, there is also a species called Quercus rubr. The literal translation of tree species is red oak. In botany, they are both of the genus Quercus, (also known as the genus Quercus, commonly known as oak, oak or tussah), a genus of the Fagaceae. There are a total of 600 species of Quercus. In order to make it easier for you to distinguish white oaks and red oaks by tree species, I divided them into two groups: the white oaks and red oaks we bought from the market may be included in the two groups (red oaks). And white oak group) one or more species of oak, but not necessarily, because there are some oak species that we don’t know exist, so the oak we bought may not belong to the above red oak group and white oak group. Any of them, and the possibility is very high. Understand the above content, we can roughly distinguish white oak and red oak from the name of the tree species. Below we will distinguish between these two types of wood through some other more practical ways. First, the sapwood of red oak is white to light brown, and the heartwood is pinkish brown. The sapwood of white oak is light-colored, and the heartwood is light brown to dark brown. For inexperienced people, it is actually a bit difficult to distinguish between red oak and white oak by color. Second, look at the wood section and observe the annual rings of red oak under a magnifying glass. It can be found that there are many cell tube holes, and the inside is empty, which should be easy to identify. There is impregnation in the white oak tube hole. Although it is a very subtle difference, this makes white oak has excellent anti-corrosion and insect-proof performance, and has better water resistance, so it can become a world-famous oak barrel material, while red oak cannot Make wine barrels. 3. Look at the pith rays related reading: The pith rays of the seven strokes of red oak identified by oak furniture are usually short, mostly in the length of 1/8''~1/2'', and the length is more than 3/4''~1' 'There are very few. The pith rays of white oaks are longer than red oaks, and most of them are more than 3/4’’. Fourth, this method of nitrite (NaNO2) testing is very accurate and reliable. Although it is a bit overkill, this method can still be used when the physical method does not work. Note: Nitrite can only change the color of the heartwood. Below we will use a set of experiments to tell you how to distinguish between red oak and white oak: First, we need to prepare the heartwood of red oak and white oak, and then use a 10% nitrite solution (1%-20% concentration). Sodium nitrite solution can successfully complete the experiment, here we recommend the best concentration is 10%). If the heartwood of the red oak is coated with a nitrite solution, the color does not change much over time, which means that it darkens a bit, sometimes slightly greenish. However, if it is the heartwood of white oak, the color will change significantly. The color will change from the natural color to the sauce color, then slowly change to a deep indigo blue, and finally become almost black. 5. Look at the leaves. This is the most practical and easiest way. You can distinguish between red oak and white oak by comparing the shape of the leaves. The edges of red oak leaves are pointed, while the edges of white oak leaves are rounded. Six: Physical properties Finally, the physical properties of red oak and white oak are also different, but this is also related to their place of production. The data in the table only represents the two types of wood produced in the northeastern United States.
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