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Recognition of the quality of beech furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-23
It should be said that the identification of beech wood is not very difficult. From the naked eye, there are few woods similar to it. The texture of the beech wood is clear and there is no muddy place. Beech wood is often large, so the wood has a well-proportioned texture and smooth texture. In the beech wood furniture, the single board is common. The texture of beech wood is beautiful, so craftsmen consciously use it. The cabinet doors are generally single-board, the thick plate is cut into two, and turned into two doors. The tower pattern is the best, commonly known as the pagoda pattern. The double pagoda pattern cabinet door is the top grade in the cabinet. The texture of beech wood is similar to that of huanghuali wood from a distance, but it is far different from a close view. The huanghuali wood is fine and fine, while the beech wood is slightly rough. The texture of huanghuali wood changes in curves, while the beech wood has a strong regularity. Beech does not have the 'ghost face' of huanghuali, and there are fewer boils and no galls in the beech. The weight of beech wood is very heavy, comparable to that of huanghuali wood. Because of its compact texture and high hardness, it is brittle and hard, and construction is not easy. The beech wood is of great nature, and the white wood of the beech wood is red to white, and the deformation rate is the highest among all kinds of wood, especially the southern wood is transported to the north, and almost every piece of it is deformed. Some furniture was transported from Suzhou to Beijing, and it began to deform in just a few weeks. The changes were unimaginable. A consumer once saw the bolt of a round-corner cabinet twisted more than a hundred degrees from top to bottom, so that the copper piece of the bolt twisted into the cabinet, which was incredible. Northerners didn't know beech wood in the past and called it Nanyu. It makes sense to think about it. Beech is a small-leaf tree, and the leaves are very similar to elm. Among the northern rural furniture, elm furniture is a major category, and its status is equal to that of beech in the south of the Yangtze River. Both types of trees are as high as several feet tall. Although the textures are different, they belong to the smooth and accessible category. The smoothness of the beech wood texture is composed of extremely small brown eyes, while the smoothness of the elm wood is overflowing and pursuing. Great effect. Comparing the two kinds of wood together, it is easy to get the above feeling. Beech is divided into yellow beech and blood beech. For the sake of its meaning, yellow beech is a common beech wood. It is a large variety, but the blood beech is much less, and the color is deep red. If you use the old one, it is easy to be confused with mahogany. The blood beech is heavier and harder than the yellow beech. Maybe this type is not as thick as the yellow beech. Therefore, there are many small pieces of blood beech furniture. Large cabinets, large beds, and large cases are almost absent. Beech furniture has been produced for a long time and has a huge time span, unlike furniture such as huanghuali and mahogany, which has an obvious time span. In the long years, beech furniture has always persistently demonstrated its own advantages. In the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, beech furniture followed the charm of Huanghuali furniture. After the middle of the Qing Dynasty, beech furniture shifted its focus to mahogany furniture, which tends to be commercialized, and still played a hard-working role. There are many varieties of beech furniture. Taking Huanghuali furniture as a reference, you can find exactly the same ones. Using mahogany furniture as a reference, you can still find almost the same.
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