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Reasons for the sound of hardwood furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-09
There are many specific reasons for the sound of hardwood furniture, not necessarily all furniture quality problems, and specific analysis is needed. 1. Normal reasons: First, the sound of hardwood furniture swelling with the change of seasons and humidity is a normal natural phenomenon. The most obvious manifestation is the newly made furniture that has just left the factory. Second, hardwood furniture, whether old or new, is disassembled for restoration, and there is a process of re-adaptation to the environment, which will also produce noise. Third, it is normal for antique furniture to be transported from place A to place B, even if it is the same city, because of changes in the surrounding environment. Fourth, the furniture from the south is transported to the north or the furniture from the north is transported to the south, and there is a process of adaptation and noise. Generally, the duration of the sound will not be too long, 2-3 months or half a year, but especially rosewood and rosewood may last a little longer, as long as there is no big edge or other parts of the explosion, tenon and tenon cracking, All are normal. Veneer furniture, wood-based furniture, cork furniture, steel-plastic furniture, and marble furniture will not produce noise. 2. Reasons for abnormality: First, the sound caused by serious expansion and contraction due to improper drying of the wood or excessively high moisture content of the wood; second, the wide parts of hardwood furniture have a large expansion and contraction, such as the surface of a square table will reach about 2m2. The area of u200bu200bthe case will reach about 1m2. Therefore, in the production of hardwood furniture, proper expansion joints must be left on the board surface, stool surface, cabinet surface, table surface, and ring board to ensure normal expansion. If the swelling position is too tight; or if glue is used where glue should not be used (including fish bladder), or the size is not properly matched, in the season when the humidity changes greatly, there will be a confrontation between the panel insert spring and the large side slot Moving, coupled with poor manufacturing process, the groove is too heavy against the insert spring, when the wood stress is released, the two will move and make a louder noise. If the dislocation part is glued, the huge stress of the wood cannot be released, and the glue will crack or the panel will break and make noise. Therefore, the reasons for the sound of hardwood furniture should be analyzed in detail, and the principle of not affecting the shape, use and cracking of the furniture is the principle.
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