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Reasons for the decline of rattan craftsmanship in history

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-19
Traditional Chinese furniture used rattan mats as soft drawers for beds, couches, and chairs before the Song Dynasty. At that time, it was possible to weave drawers decorated with water waves. The breathability, comfort, smoothness and beauty of rattan is the best choice for beds, couches, and chairs, and it is also the most important original feature of traditional Chinese furniture. China's thousand-year history of furniture has never abandoned its love for rattan drawers. Only in the Qing Dynasty, when the Manchus entered the Central Plains, the culture and living habits of the nomads made traditional Chinese furniture gradually transformed from a simple, elegant and people-oriented style into a complicated, heavy and heavily decorated situation. The rattan weaving craftsmanship in the furniture also gradually disappeared in this style change. In the late Qing Dynasty, only the hard drawers with the lower pallets on the mat surface were left, and the air permeability and comfort of the rattan surface disappeared. Under the attack of Western imported Simmons and sofas, they are losing ground steadily, almost withdrawing from the stage of history. Research on the causes of broken rattan drawers 1. The quality of rattan and brown is generally poor from the perspective of old and broken furniture. The thickness of the rattan is different, the width is different, the weave is not dense, the single strand of the brown thread is too thick, the number of strands is too few, the tension stress is uneven, it is easy to break, easy to collapse, lose the pressure bearing function, cause the vine surface to fight alone, causing brown damage The vine died. 2. There is broken rattan during the knitting process. The broken rattan should be removed and replaced with a complete rattan, but sometimes it takes a day or two to change a rattan. The denser the knitting, the more difficult it is to change the rattan silk. In the past, most of them were inlaid at the broken place. This section became a short-lived hidden danger, making the vine broken palm dew unusable. 3. The brown thread overlaps in front of the frame holes to form an uneven cross, making the rattan surface form an uneven edge. The higher part is susceptible to wear and tear during use, and the rattan thread is easy to break. 4. The battens on the four sides of the rattan drawer are fixed with wooden nails, which are easy to loose, easy to fall off, have gaps, and are not beautiful. Many lovers of traditional Chinese furniture have seen scattered broken brown threads hanging under the fragmented rattan drawers, as well as the traces of crude production, which have doubted and rejected the strength and longevity of the rattan drawers. Therefore, designing with cultural connotation and weaving high-strength and long-lived rattan has become an important historical mission in our furniture production.
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