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Really have a 'fever': Record the whole process of furniture making

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-10
The retro style is booming recently, and this gust of wind blowing in the fashion industry has already blown into the home furnishing industry. The decorating students' love for retro is really nothing to say. Some people may mistakenly think that retro is Chinese decoration. NONONO, I have to say that the most popular retro style now is blowing in various styles, especially under the banner of American country style. In order to match that style, some people like to wash old furniture, but the ready-made antique materials are getting harder and harder to find, so they can only be worn out. Being old is not just a kind of appearance, but deep into the bones. From materials to craftsmanship to design, from Chinese classical furniture to European and American classical furniture, to neo-classical, pastoral, and Mediterranean styles, old furniture abounds. The 'enthusiasts' who are pursuing old furniture really 'burn' the furniture. Haven't you seen it yet? It doesn't matter, today I will follow the eyes of Yifang netizens to see how old furniture is made. The first step: Fever is to make the wood grain more prominent, and the wood grain will be exposed when it is polished, and it will feel 'broken'. Burning has benefits, but there are also drawbacks. Wood will crack. Old people generally don't mind cracking. Cracking will make the furniture more vicissitudes of life. The second step: After polishing and burning, it is black and black, and then began to polish. After polishing, a layer of ash on the surface has fallen off. The wood grain is very obvious and beautiful. Tip: If you don't want to make light colors, just apply the varnish now. Related reading: How to distinguish the authenticity of antique furniture? Teach you the third step of 13 tricks: Plastering The next step is plastering. I said before that cracks will appear after burning. This requires putty powder to smooth. The fourth step: After the putty powder with a lot of color mixing is off, the primer should be applied. The desk is placed in the kid's room. Consider using a light color. The color is adjusted on the spot by Chu Feng. First, use white polyester paint to dilute Dilute the agent and mix well. Ordinary people will get sore if they stir it twice. It turns out that no job is as simple as it seems. Next add blue paint, mix well, light blue has appeared. Then add black and yellow. When Chu Feng adjusts the colors, I feel confident, but comrades netizens look at the side tremblingly, thinking that there is too much black. Who knows that it feels good, and even thinks it can be blackened. Step 5: When the color is finished, pour it into the spray gun and prepare for coloring. It took a certain time for the paint to dry. The polyester paint added a curing agent, and the sun was shining, and it didn't make me wait for long. Step 6: Smooth the blue and yellow feeling and start to grind after it dries. Use a rag to moisten the table top and grind it with water, so that the surface will be very slippery. And after grinding, blue and yellow green will appear, much like a set of colors. Another netizen also described her 'thrilling' and 'unpleasant' paint making process. It is said that it was smoky and scorching, and duck intestines appeared in the middle. Didn't sleep well) color, but the final effect is really 'vicissitudes of lifeStep 7: After finishing the varnish and polishing, the varnish is finished. A piece of distressed furniture is finished. Look at the details. Isn't it old? Summary of the old furniture method: burn some places on the furniture, and then leave the black mark on the wood, and then polish or paint. As for the new furniture to feel like old furniture, it is best to have wear and tear. This method is very simple. After the paint dries, use different colors to rub the areas that touch the most to create a worn appearance. You can also rub a piece of pumice stone along the edge of the furniture to leave a white mark. Other old ways of doing it by the side: use a paint brush to dip in paint or coloring material, and quickly tap the furniture to create a solemn striped pattern. Antique distressing and painting and coloring are the most critical aspects of distressing. Generally, bright color materials are not used. By increasing the color contrast of the entire product, deep, medium and light colors are used to express the long time span of the product. Another feature of coloring is that translucent pigments are often used to reduce the clarity of the surface of the product and create a sense of haziness. Although old furniture is much cheaper than real antique furniture, it is still more expensive than buying normal furniture (the same material, not old). After all, the craftsmanship is there and the heat is very important.
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