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Rare boat wood furniture satisfies your 'tall' pursuit

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-25
The so-called 'fun wood' is taken from old wooden boats. After years of immersion in sea water and numerous times washed by waves, Yu Fa is tough and wear-resistant, with a strong sense of vicissitudes. Shipwood generally uses relatively high-quality hardwood, so that the solid wood furniture made of wood is not only strong, but also waterproof, fireproof, insect-resistant, high-temperature resistant, corrosion-resistant, and is given the meaning of warding off evil and auspicious. Boatwood furniture is hard in texture, not easy to crack and deform. It is a wonderful thing in high-end furniture, and it is back to the web, and it is clumsy and clumsy. The veneer of boat wood furniture does not need to be painted on the surface of solid wood furniture, which not only maintains the natural texture and texture of the original materials, but also maintains the affinity of the product's human-wood communication. Nowadays, a good set of boat wood furniture is very rare. The following seven types of boat wood furniture can take you to the feast. The mottled keel tea table is the pride of wood, and the gully is the texture of wood. This boat wood furniture is derived from rigorous craftsmanship, precious raw materials, layered polishing, dust-free lacquering, high-quality imposition, and precise cutting materials. , The painting process requires 6 paintings, just for better quality. The raw materials of old boat wood Chinese tea table boat wood furniture are taken from old boats that have reached the end of life. It is generally more than 60 years old, and more than a hundred years old is more common. The wood of old ships is a non-renewable resource, and it is extremely difficult to obtain materials. Good old ship wood is hard to come by, so it is destined not to be mass-produced. The old boat wood tea table and chair combination boat wood furniture has a different design style. Generally, the lines are relatively rough and the size is relatively large. It inherits the Chinese classical elements, not only incorporates the simplicity and smoothness of Ming and Qing furniture, but also presents an original ecological style that is simple, heavy and asymmetrical. The office dragon solid wood bone tea table is handmade from large pieces of original ecological solid wood, natural and delicate, and every detail is polished with care. The raw lacquer is not only smooth and clean, but also very durable. The color is stable and natural, green and environmentally friendly, and natural graceful wood grain , Environmentally friendly and durable. Lao Chuan Mu solid wood Kung Fu tea table Gu Chuan Mu generally chooses fine hardwoods in terms of materials, mainly iron wood, stone vertebral wood, catalpa wood, pontian wood, sandalwood, teak wood, huanghuali, etc. After the baptism of the sea, it has a special texture. And color, natural and simple, just like an ink painting, fresh and fresh. Extended reading: How to buy ancient boat wood furniture How to distinguish the authenticity of boat wood Lacquer, non-toxic and harmless, makes the furniture bright and new. The combination of boat wood tea table and chair, this boat wood furniture, is made of old boat wood made of old catalpa wood. The old catalpa wood has a relatively high density, is oily, has clear lines, and is not easy to crack. The printed structure makes the tables and chairs stronger, more stressed, and more durable.
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