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Pterocarpus mahogany furniture material

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-02
What is Pterocarpus pterocarpus? Pterocarpus pterocarpus, commonly known as Burma pear, is a genus of Pterocarpus pterocarpus, which is a kind of tall deciduous tree. According to the classification of my country's 'Redwood' national standard (GB/T18107-2000), the rosewood of rosewood, diffuse porous wood, and semi-annular porous wood tend to be obvious. The growth ring is quite obvious. The heartwood is orange-red, brick-red or purple-red, often with dark stripes; scratches are visible to obvious, and the water extract of sawdust is light yellow-brown, with weak or no fluorescence. The tube holes are larger inside the growth ring and can be seen under the naked eye; the chord diameter is the largest 269 μm, with an average of 127 μm; the number is very small or small, 1 to 15 per mm2, often containing yellow deposits, with a strong aroma . The axial parenchyma is obvious under the naked eye, mainly in the shape of concentric layered side tube ribbon/polywing and thin line (1 to 4 cells wide). Wood fiber wall thickness. Wood rays can be seen under a magnifying glass; wave marks are slightly or obvious under a magnifying glass; the ray structure is in the same shape and single row. Strong aroma; fine structure; interlaced texture; air-dry density 0.80~O. 86 g/cm3. Producing area and growth characteristics of Pterocarpus pterocarpus The main producing area of u200bu200bPterocarpus pterocarpus is the Indochina Peninsula, namely, the tropical regions of Southeast Asia such as Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. Pterocarpus macrocarpa is a deciduous tree species that likes a warm, humid tropical climate, is resistant to low temperatures, and can safely survive the cold winter below 0°C. It can use fallen leaves to survive drought and low temperature periods. In a warm and humid environment, the time of the defoliation period will be reduced, allowing it to grow faster. Summer is the peak period of its growth. Usually, the Pterocarpus large fruit tree can reach a height of 20 to 30 meters, a diameter of 23 cm, and a maximum of 32 cm. The heartwood is formed relatively late, it usually takes about 20 years to grow the heartwood, so if it is artificially planted, it can generally be cut down in about 30 years. In addition, Pterocarpus macrocarpa has strong soil adaptability. It grows well in tropical and southern subtropical red soils, latosols, coastal sandy soils, and alluvial soils. It is suitable for afforestation in the area south of the Tropic of Cancer in my country. Because of its nitrogen fixation ability, it can improve the soil, and can also be used for forest stand transformation in degraded lands in tropical and southern subtropical regions. Pterocarpus macrocarpa has straight stems and few branches. The wood branches can reach 8~10m. It is an ideal timber species. Its wood is stable, its structure is fine, hard and heavy, it is not easy to crack, does not grow insects, and is resistant to corrosion. The heartwood is reddish-brown, the wood grain is clear, the pattern is delicate and beautiful, there are grimace, some parts have some obvious tiger skin patterns, and exudes a kind The long and mellow, unassuming sandalwood fragrance is deeply loved by the majority of mahogany collectors. Uses of Big Fruit Red Sandalwood Big Fruit Red Sandalwood is the best material in rosewood. It is usually used in construction and joinery, high-end furniture, wooden floors, wheels, boat boards, tool handles and handicrafts. Moreover, many of the furniture made from big fruit red sandalwood have become valuable mahogany classic furniture boutiques, which are highly sought after by collectors. In addition, Pterocarpus macrocarpa has more resin, and the wood is oily. The resin can be used as a red dye. Pterocarpus macrocarpa is classified as a kind of rare wood.
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