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Process size requirements of antique furniture craftsmanship

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-02
'A craftsman, not a craftsman! It is better to be a stick' (referring to tools). This is the saying that “workers must first sharpen their tools if they want to be good at their work”. A good craftsman's tools must be labor-saving, easy to use, fine, and beautiful in shape. To a certain extent, personal tools also represent the characteristics of a craftsman that 'people have their qualities, and people have their emotions'. It can also be said that craftsmen have their qualities and craftsmen have their emotions. Tools can show the quality of craftsmen. For example; woodworking line planer, the line shape of a good line planer is round and plump, neat and regular. The line shape cut by the second thread planer gives people a feeling of unstretched and uncomfortable. As for the line drawing tool, the error of pencil drawing is average. . 25mm. In ancient times, it was emphasized to use a scribe (made of buffalo horn) to draw Zhouzheng. Later, when drawing a line with a line drawing knife, there would be no errors. Achieve accuracy. Good craftsmen generally use wooden buckets, squares, saws, planes, wood chisels and other tools. From the aspects of form, sharpness, and quantity, you can basically see whether the craftsman's 'stick' has the ability to make furniture. The height of drawers in tables and cabinets furniture, the old regulations require the saying: Drawers should not exceed four inches. Refers to the drawers of general furniture, the old city system 'four inchesExceeding this scale is not very beautiful. It was not until after the Qing Dynasty that more large drawers appeared. The relationship between the face of the stool and the legs and feet requires a common saying: The legs cannot be tilted out of the face of the stool. The stool here refers to a general bench or a four-pronged stool. The relationship between the surface of the stool and the legs and feet. The legs of the stool should be slanted, and the ratio of the slope to the front is 1:0. 17. The thickness of the bench surface is 1 inch (old city system), and the outer slope is 17 points. The slope of the side cannot exceed the surface of the stool. The ratio is 1:02, which is 2 points to the side (old city system). Exceeding this scale is firstly unsightly, secondly, it is not conducive to side-by-side placement, and thirdly, the basic knowledge of leg slanting that artisans still don't understand. Related reading: Phoebe furniture The good wood furniture in Chinese classic furniture requires the relationship between the height of the table and the height of the chair and stool. One-and-a-half feet, two-and-a-half feet, benches and tables are everywhere. This scale stipulates the distance between the seat surface of the chair and the table top, which is generally between 300 mm and 333 mm. In addition, the old city-made 'half and two feet and a half' is the current metric stool with a height of 5OOmm and a table with a height of 8300mm. This scale basically lasted until the 1970s. The production of tables and stools pays attention to the common saying: face and face. That is, the square is regular and not skewed; this rule requires that each side of the furniture made by the craftsman, namely up and down, left and right, must be parallel and flat. That is to say, the surface of the table top and the stool must be flat, and the four legs must be parallel and the height of the legs must be the same, not crooked or slanted. The labor of the table is also exquisite: door three, frame two, table four. Civilians invite craftsmen to make woodware and there is an exquisite man-hour. The general home can start in three days. The door frame takes two days, and the table can be finished in four days. There are many colloquial sayings required by traditional technology. The following chapters will describe each aspect in the _Dingyi system. These traditional sayings show that woodworking craftsmen make furniture in accordance with the rules of technological evolution that have been passed down from generation to generation. These traditional craftsmen began in the 1980s. _The number of oral and personal teaching is not many. The state should protect it. Their craftsmanship is trained. This is not a day’s work. It is the famous saying that we have already talked about: 'Being a teacher for six years, it will be good to earn a living in eight years.' Of course, these idioms and tales are naturally imperfect, but it is not an easy task to embody the making of antique furniture. Determined by its own production process characteristics. Extended reading: How to identify antique furniture through wood moisture content
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