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Private customization is not difficult, understanding life is the point

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-08
With the upgrading of consumption and the enhancement of people’s awareness of individualization, the same kind of furniture can no longer meet people’s increasingly diversified needs. Consumers have begun to look for their own personalized matching homes, which has brought about the rapid development of the customized home furnishing industry. It is estimated that its market size can reach hundreds of billions, and advanced private custom home furnishings will account for about 10% of the custom home furnishing market. The rapid development of custom home furnishings is popular because it can be designed according to different house layouts and structural sizes, avoiding beams and columns, and sticking to corners, so that the furniture and the house structure can fit perfectly. Net learned that custom-designed furniture that is reasonably designed can make full use of fragmented space and realize a reasonable and efficient use of space. At the same time, due to the comprehensive consideration of the furniture design, the interior decoration style can be kept harmonious and unified, but this is only an introduction to private custom home furnishing. Related reading: The transformation of traditional furniture 'private customization' quietly struck, and the higher level of private custom home furnishings must not only meet the above requirements, but more importantly, carry out butler-style intimate design in accordance with the owner’s living habits, which requires designers to While having rich experience in home design, we must have a deeper understanding of life. As a private custom home designer, Dixin High-end Private Home Furnishing must not only understand the current needs of the owner, but also design the home as a whole living environment based on rich life experience, and predict what the owner of the house will have in the future Demand, so as to leave room and play space in the design. As Dixon Furniture insists, the industrialization of home improvement not only realizes industrial customization in the home improvement process, but also combines the rich life experience of the designer, from layout planning to decorative style, from furniture selection to jewelry placement, from lighting From the layout to the detailed arrangement, 'personal customization' is carried out according to the customer's personality, requirements and understanding of the home, so as to truly restore the customer's inner pursuit of home. For example, when doing home customization services for high-end customers, not only the living habits of the owner of the house are considered, but also the reasonable arrangement of the living and working areas of the nanny. In addition, as social interactions become more abundant, business professionals will increasingly find that 'home' has become an important social place. Therefore, it is believed that in addition to the necessary social space planning, facilities such as wine cabinets or wine cellars will become necessary. This potential customer demand requires a designer's rich life experience and meticulous observation to discover and meet. Therefore, to make a private custom home, excellent design ability is the necessary hardware, and a deep understanding of life is a piece of software that combines software and hardware to make a scientific and humanized home.
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