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Popular in the United Kingdom and the United States, the past and present of the Windsor chair

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-20
Since the birth of the Windsor chair, its design has been based on comfort as the first criterion, and it has tried its best to meet the daily needs of the people. It is considered to be the representative of the English country style and is favored by all walks of life. Therefore, in Britain and the United States, whether it is the cottage or farmhouse of ordinary people The Windsor chair can be seen in Xiaozhan, or in the high-end residences of the upper class. The pioneers of American independence read the 'Declaration of Independence' to the Continental Congress members sitting in the Windsor chair. As early as the 16th century, wheel makers began to imitate the way wheels were made to process chair legs. The design of the Windsor chair is probably derived from the elements of the 'stick back chair' in Wales in the west of England or the local 'stick back chair' in Ireland, but it lacks strong evidence to support it. In the 18th century, the bow-backed Windsor chair appeared immediately after the emergence of steam-bending wood technology. This type of chair was first transported from Windsor, Berkshire to London in 1724, and the Windsor chair was named after it. The main structural features are: the components are all made of solid wood, and mostly use native tree species; the chair back, chair legs, gears and other parts are basically made of slender wood rods; the most important is the Windsor chair Ergonomics are fully considered for the seat back and seat surface. Three centuries after the birth of the Windsor chair, it has attracted the attention of designers from different countries. They used their own whimsical ideas to blend the traditional Windsor chair with different times and regions. Related reading: Windsor Chairs in the United States explains in detail the 'Peacock Chair / Peacock Chair' designed by the Danish furniture designer. The back of the chair retains the contour of the back of the Windsor chair. After adding creativity, the back of the chair is like a peacock with an open screen. The new-style Windsor chair launched by the British studio 'H Furniture' removes the armrests and uses a metal material for the back of the Windsor chair to make a streamlined chair column, like a waterfall falling, adding to the thick image of the wooden chair A flexible experience. Stuhlhockerbank, designed by German design group Yvonne Fehling u0026 Jennie Peiz, is a bold development of the Windsor chair elements. The collective public seat, this 'disorderly' design, shows a casual fate in the deliberate arrangement. With a unique perspective, Watanabe redesigned the traditional British Windsor to adapt to the body shape and living environment of Asians. The thickness changes of the spokes on the back of the chair, as well as the armrests and foot connecting components that have penetrated the seat surface, all reflect the high degree of fusion of beauty and technology. The rocking chair of Japanese furniture design master Watanabe Riki, no matter the shape or the actual use experience, has reached an excellent balance between leisure and demeanor, demonstrating the full aristocratic temperament. The designer's extraordinary skill can be seen from this. The slightly lower seat height and moderately flexible seat cushion ensure a comfortable sitting feeling. The lines on the top of the armrests come to an abrupt end like a knife, creating an extraordinary visual tension.
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