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Phoebe nanmu family: a product of nanmu fragrant solid wood model

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-24
In recent years, solid wood furniture has been continuously sought after by consumers because of its natural and environmentally friendly characteristics. As a result, solid wood furniture became popular in the furniture market for a while. However, despite the emergence of many solid wood furniture brands on the market, there are very few companies that really do solid wood furniture. Speaking of solid wood models, we have to mention Huari Home Furnishing, which has a history of 45 years of solid wood. As the big brother in the field of solid wood, Huari Home Furnishing is famous for its excellent solid wood furniture quality. As one of the solid wood classic series of Huari Home Furnishing, the Nanmu family is also popular among consumers in the market. The products of Nanmu Family are derived from Sainan, belonging to Lauraceae-Sainan genus. As an extremely high-end architectural furniture material, nanmu is often used in combination with red sandalwood in mahogany furniture. In appearance, the phoebe logs are light green and slightly brown, with a slight purple in the depth, the color is elegant and well-proportioned, and the texture is fine and accessible. The furniture made of phoebe often gives people a quiet and peaceful feeling. Nanmu family bedroom series began in ancient times, and Nanmu has been widely used in the field of furniture manufacturing because of its unique properties. Nowadays, this characteristic of Nanmu has also given the unparalleled solid wood charm of Huari Home Nanmu Family Series. Extended reading: Nanmu Furniture The fine wood furniture in Chinese classical furniture has a unique woody fragrance, which prevents insects from being destroyed by ant dens. Some small ant holes can destroy the thousands of miles away. A piece of furniture is even more important. As we all know, insects have always been the most troublesome problem of solid wood furniture. Phoebe nanmu furniture uses mature nanmu as the furniture material, and its wood contains a unique woody fragrance that disperses mosquitoes, which makes the nanmu furniture of the Nanmu family series have strong insect resistance. The talent of the pillars, the anti-corrosion legend 'can't be soaked in water, and ants can't nestPhoebe wood has strong corrosion resistance, even in extremely humid and hot environments, phoebe furniture will not be oxidized and corroded. Therefore, the furniture of Nanmu Family Series is generally durable and enduring. The wood is mild, warm in winter and cool in summer. Unlike other hardwood furniture, nanmu is mild in nature, not cold in winter, not hot in summer, and does not hurt your body. Therefore, nanmu was often used in ancient palaces to make tables, arhat beds, cabinets and bookshelves, and was sometimes used to decorate cabinet doors or make stationery. The wood is compact and difficult to deform. Phoebe is a tree that grows in the subtropical zone. The growth cycle of hundreds of years makes the wood of Phoebe very compact. Therefore, the internal temperature is less affected by the external environment and the wood properties are relatively stable. Therefore, nanmu furniture is rarely warped and cracked. Nanmu Family Study Series Quality Assurance: 45 years of solid wood furniture manufacturing history and experience In addition to the unique properties of Nanmu itself, Huari Home Furnishing’s 45 years of solid wood processing history and furniture manufacturing experience also provide a strong solid wood quality for the Nanmu Family Series backing. Professional product research and development center, 12 solid wood series products in different fields occupy a pivotal position in their respective fields; a huge amount of money has been imported from Italy more than 100 steam drying kilns and fully automatic closed paint spraying equipment to ensure the process Quality; professional designer team, the design department and craft department recognized and recognized by the state, insist on original design, and are jointly recognized by the five national ministries and commissions as the 'Nationally Recognized Enterprise Technology Center'······· Whether in brand strength In terms of innovation ability, Huari Home Furnishing's strong production capacity in the field of solid wood is obvious to all. With such a scale and strength, consumers have more trust and peace of mind in Nanmu Family. If you are pursuing quality life, if you have a soft spot for solid wood furniture. Then, Huari Home Furnishing Nanmu Family should not be missed! (Net Chen Min)
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