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Performance test of original board and ordinary board

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-05
In recent years, a new type of original board has appeared in furniture panels. As a new type of wardrobe board, what is the difference between the original board and the ordinary board commonly used in overall wardrobes? Is there any concern about 'not strong and not waterproof' that consumers are worried about , Take you to observe a test below, observe the difference of different plates from the intuitive feelings such as smell. The experimental principle of the original board and the MDF of the experimental object Formaldehyde The principle of the experiment: Formaldehyde is the easiest to volatilize under heating, so the smell after boiling can directly reflect the formaldehyde content in the board. The boards are glued together with an adhesive. Most boards on the market use urea-formaldehyde resins. Urea-formaldehyde resins will decompose at room temperature to produce free formaldehyde, which turns brown when dissolved in water. Therefore, the depth of the color of water can also reflect the concentration of formaldehyde to a certain extent. Moisture-proof experiment principle: the water absorption thickness expansion rate is an important quality index of wood-based panels, which intuitively reflects the water resistance and dimensional stability of wood-based panels. The water absorption thickness expansion rate reflects the ability of the product to resist damp deformation. The smaller the value, the better. MDF is ground wood into fibers, which completely changes the structure of the wood, so the moisture absorption, water absorption performance, and thickness expansion rate are relatively high. The surface wax of straw has natural water resistance similar to paraffin wax. MDI itself is the raw material for the manufacture of waterproof coatings and sealants. The polymer compound structure formed by MDI and Heben fiber will not degrade when exposed to water, so the original board can maintain good strength and integrity when exposed to water and moisture. Experimental process 1. Prepare two transparent glass pots, one for the original plate and one for the common plate. 2. Put the sample block into two boiling pots and boil until boiling. Pay attention to the change of water quality in the pot at this time. The water quality in the original plate pot is obviously lighter than the water quality in the ordinary plate pot. Extended reading: Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of various panels in wardrobe panels. 3. The expansion degree of panels is also very different. The water swelling rate of the original panels is significantly lower than that of ordinary panels. The thickness of the original board is not much different before and after boiling, while the ordinary board swells severely after absorbing water. 4. In the process of boiling, the ordinary board swells and deforms due to moisture absorption, and the formaldehyde dissolves in the water, giving out a pungent and unpleasant taste; while the original board is basically without deformation, smelling similar to the fragrance of barley tea. 5. Take out the samples from the pot after boiling for 15 minutes. The ordinary plates can be easily broken apart and shattered as soon as they are broken. The original plates still maintain high strength and have a high moisture-proof coefficient after being boiled. 6. Put the original plate in the pot and cook for twice the time, then remove the plate and move the plate again. The original plate is still hard.
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