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Particle board and multi-layer wood: They are all wood-based panels, why should they be called 'solid wood'?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-01
Xu Baiming, director of the Shenzhen Furniture Development Research Institute, recently discussed the so-called 'style' issues on the market. In fact, in China, styles are confused. For example, American style, there are such 'styles' as great beauty, small beauty, and simple beauty. Americans have never heard of these 'styles'. The so-called Nordic style suddenly became popular in the past two years. At the beginning, the Nordic style and modern furniture were equated, and all modern furniture was called the Nordic style. Then suddenly 'Big Nordic' appeared, calling the original stupid and clumsy earth design with no style at all as 'Big Nordic'. This flicker is too much, right? Under these so-called styles, it also emphasizes all solid wood, pure solid wood, 100% solid wood, no auxiliary materials...Obviously, we use wood-based panels, call particle board solid wood particle board, and call plywood multi-layer solid wood... The word touches the edge. For the solid wood part, what kind of wood is called Begonia wood, and rubber wood is called oak...It’s not that wood-based panels are bad, or rubber wood is bad. The problem is that there is no integrity. In fact, the proper combination of solid wood and wood-based panels is the best structure. I take an ordinary bedside table as an example, as shown in the following figure: The wood part is not only the material that constitutes the shape, but also the component of the whole piece of furniture. The wood-based panels are combined together by wood. You can use any kind of wood, either expensive wood is good. For example, North American black walnut is very expensive, okay? The density is 0.64g/m³, and the density of relatively inexpensive birch is also 0.64g/m³. Black walnut is so expensive, it is only the designer's preference that leads the market. The mass consumers accepted it, and because of the supply and demand, the price was raised, that's it. The problem of dry shrinkage and swelling will occur if solid wood is used for large-area board, back, bottom, and side boards. It is best to use wood-based panels, of course, use qualified wood-based panels (the content of formaldehyde and other content meets national standards). The quality of such furniture is more reliable and durable than solid wood. The combination of wood and wood-based panels-with a round bar tenon and other tenon joints plus assembly glue, pressurization, and curing, this combination is a combination of the 'MiG-25 fighter' in furniture. Xu Baiming touched on another topic in the article, solid wood recombination materials. Because wood will shrink and swell, and the market does have a demand for solid wood furniture, we need solid wood as a component of board wood furniture. Therefore, the reorganization of solid wood is a very important subject. The basic requirements for the reorganization of solid wood are:-avoid the natural defects of wood such as dry shrinkage and swelling-can be used for industrial production. Extended reading: What factors determine the price of high-end wood , LVL). However, due to various reasons, it has failed to meet the needs of the market, for example, the veneer is too thin. So there is a 'sandwich board' in the market, the structure is the same as the three plywood, but the veneer is changed to solid wood. The advantages of sandwich boards are:-The previous drying and other processes are handled by the board factory, and the board factory is drying solid wood chips. Because the thickness of the wood chips is relatively thin, the drying time is shortened and the moisture content will be more uniform. ——Because it is a sandwich, the wood grain in the middle layer crosses over and crosses the upper and lower layers, and the board is firm and straight. ——The quality requirements for middle-layer wood chips are not so high, which increases the utilization rate of wood. ——Unlike a large piece of wood, the water content in the center part is high, and the surface gradually decreases to form a gradient. If the drying is not good, the stress of the surface layer and the middle and lower layers will cause cracking, and the sandwich board is less likely to be. Reorganizing the wood, whether it is a sandwich board or other combination, can realize the production of solid wood panels. Reconstituted wood can be made into various sizes suitable for automated production, and even can be made into 1220 mm × 2440 mm. With plate-type equipment and plate-type production, the efficiency is greatly improved and the labor is reduced. Of course, recombined wood cannot replace solid wood 100%, but it can solve many of the natural defects caused by the use of (or having to use) solid wood. This subject can be discussed in depth when there is an opportunity. (Author: Lin Zuoxin Original title: 'Solid wood particle board and solid wood multi-layer wood are obviously man-made boards, why are they all called 'solid wood'?')
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