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Panels, top and bottom panels of basic parts of cabinet furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-27
The basic components of cabinet furniture include: panel, top (bottom), partition (movable and fixed), front frame, rear frame, side panel or side frame (including core frame, glass frame), door (glass frame) Doors, solid wood doors, curved wood doors), drawers (hollow out, solid surface, fiberboard), decorative strips (front and side), connecting wood (including triangular wood) dust-proof board, hardware. Panel 1. According to the thickness, it can be divided into three types: 18mm, 25mm and 28mm. 2. From the structure of the class, it is divided into overall solid wood panel, three-layer, five-layer, solid wood edge banding, and poh leather edge banding. 3. The five-layer structure should be: Docking sheet + balance paper + MDF board or PB board + balancing paper + docking sheet. Note: In order to balance the bonded patch, an odd number of glue must be used. 4. The solid wood edge banding should be cut into the same arc as the panel, and it is not allowed to join the board (so as to avoid cracking of the glue line during hot pressing). According to the width of the edge band of the panel arc, the narrower the better. 5. The combination of solid wood and particle board must use heat-resistant glue, and the moisture content between solid wood and core board should be controlled within 6-7.5%, and the difference in moisture content between the two is not allowed to exceed 1.5%. 6. When the length of the cabinet panel is 40 or longer, anti-bending strips must be added to prevent sagging, unless the design requires otherwise. 7. Before the panel is pasted, the solid wood and core board must be flat and uniform in thickness. Related reading: What are the basic components of cabinet furniture? The top plate and bottom plate 1. The top plate generally uses 15-18mm PB board, which needs to be pasted up and down, and cut directly to the required size. 2. Dowel positioning is usually used when connecting with side panels, and glue and connecting wood can be used for reinforcement. 3. The bottom plate is inconsistent according to the requirements of different products. 4. When the width of the cabinet is greater than 14, the thickness of the bottom plate must be at least 1/2 thick, unless the structure test is passed, 1/8 thick wood can be used. When the two-door dressing table and other cabinet bottom plates are integrated, the bottom plate must be pulled into a 19mm wide * 8mm deep groove to facilitate the entry and exit of the crescent-shaped baffle on the drawer guide rail.
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