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Panel furniture processing substrate-particle board

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-24
The basic material of panel furniture is particle board, which is an engineering material that can be mass-produced by industrial production. In terms of material source, format size and processing performance, unlike solid wood and other materials, they have few constraints on the design and manufacturing of furniture. Therefore, furniture designers and manufacturers can be free from material restrictions, but completely according to users. According to the needs of taste, design and manufacture furniture with practical functions and different styles. Particleboard: Process the wood processing residues or small diameter wood and branch wood into shavings of a certain shape and size, apply a certain amount of adhesive, and heat and press it by paving. According to the structure, it is divided into two types: ordinary board and directional board, and ordinary particle board can be divided into three structures of single-layer, three-layer and gradual change. The furniture board is mainly gradient and three-layer structure. Usually manufactured by the flat pressing method. Related reading: Detailed explanation of the technology and material of panel furniture. The main advantage of particleboard is that it can be processed into large-format panels of different thicknesses as required; it can be used directly; it does not need to be dried; and it is easy to process. Conducive to mechanized production; convenient transportation and storage; low price. The disadvantage is that the edges are rough, easy to absorb moisture and deform, and the thickness of water absorption is large; the screw holding force is low, and the fasteners are not suitable for multiple disassembly; the volumetric weight is usually higher than that of wood, the particleboard furniture is heavier, and the transverse members are prone to sag deformation. Wait. The quality of particleboard products in my country is quite different. Generally speaking, companies with advanced foreign equipment and better production management have better product quality, and all indicators can meet national standards. However, the quality of particleboard products for small and medium-sized enterprises is poor, which is reflected in The particle shape is poor, the amount of glue is high, the particleboard water absorption thickness expansion rate exceeds 10%, the thickness dimension deviation is greater than 1.2mm, the distortion is greater than 10mm, the particleboard facing performance (sand is not polished, cannot be veneer), and the edge sealing performance is relatively good Difference. The poor quality of particleboard products is a common problem in the production of particleboard in our country. And it is precisely one of the biggest obstacles to the development of panel furniture. The particle board used for furniture should be suitable for the production characteristics of the furniture. Although western developed countries stipulate several types of particleboards with different properties for particleboard according to their different uses, in fact, they also provide special particleboards that meet the requirements of certain performance indicators according to the different requirements of users' orders or uses. One of the main goals of developing particleboard in various parts of our country is to make furniture, and strive to be used after surface decoration processing. The furniture industry, as a user of particleboard, of course cannot directly intervene in the production of particleboard manufacturers, but we should have a thorough understanding of the quality requirements of this material in the production of furniture, so as to put forward requirements for the performance of particleboard from the perspective of users. Any furniture is composed of several parts assembled according to certain requirements. Although there are various types of furniture, styles and sizes, the shape, size, quality requirements and quantity of parts are also different. However, the composition of similar furniture has its own rules and rules to follow. For example, panel structure frame furniture, whether it is a large closet, a bookcase, or a low cabinet or a bedside table in the living room, is composed of a side panel (including a middle side panel), a top (or surface) panel, and a bottom panel. Then install the back panel on the cabinet carcass to shield and increase the rigidity of the cabinet. Then install drawers, door panels and movable shelves, etc. Some cabinets also have a tripod to support the entire cabinet body, and some cabinets need to add decorative hat lines, decorative wood lines, etc. At present, the joining of the cabinet body basically adopts a disassembly and assembly structure, and a connecting piece is used for joining with a round tenon. The various parts on the cabinet have different functions, so the materials used. The structure should also be different, which should be considered and selected separately. For example, the horizontal member on the furniture-the items placed on the shelf play a load-bearing role and require sufficient bending strength. At the same time, its sag deformation (creep) per meter length cannot be greater than 3mm. Otherwise, the human eyes can obviously feel the deformation, which will affect the appearance. The so-called creep refers to the permanent deformation of the board under long-term load. The creep of the fiberboard in the particleboard is twice as large as that of the solid wood board of equal thickness, and it is closely related to the environmental humidity. The humidity is high and the creep is also large. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the bending elastic modulus of the board to about 2500N/mm, and on this basis, use it correctly and design it reasonably, such as sticking veneer, sealing edge, taking appropriate thickness and span, etc. Another example is that the cabinet door is often in the center of vision, and the facade decoration requires high requirements, and the size and shape must be correct. The gap (or margin) between the door and the cabinet should be uniform. It does not warp or sag, and the door is movable and often opens and closes. Therefore, the screw holding force of the door panel must be large to install the concealed hinge. The two sides of the door panel should take a symmetrical structure. It can't be too heavy. Therefore, blockboard or hollow cladding can be used. Of course, as long as the conditions are mastered, the appropriate use of MDF, etc. also meets the requirements, and MDF can also be engraved and milled for decoration. The side plate and the bottom plate are usually positioned by round bars, and the connecting pieces are joined. In order to ensure the joint strength, the internal bonding strength of the plate is first required to be sufficient, preferably around 0.55 MPa, and appropriately adjusted according to the plate thickness. The moisture content of the board should be less than 8%. The density of the board should be greater than 0.759/cm at present, and the density difference of the board should be controlled at 10%. If the density difference is too large, it will cause deformation of the board and affect the joint strength. At the same time, pay attention to the fit tolerance and choose high-quality connectors.
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