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Orthopedic experts remind: low furniture damages the lumbar and cervical spine

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-11-30
Nowadays, many families will choose the relatively popular low furniture when moving to a new home or changing furniture. TV cabinets, sofas, coffee tables, etc. are almost on the floor. Wang Lihe, deputy chief physician of the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology of the First Affiliated Hospital of Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, reminded that although the low furniture looks comfortable, it is unknowingly torturing our cervical and lumbar spine. Today's low furniture has another characteristic, which is 'softWhen we are sitting on the sofa, we should say 'stuck in the sofa' to be precise. This will cause our lumbar spine to be kyphotic for a long time without support, and the elasticity of the lumbar intervertebral disc will be reduced, and then the lumbar intervertebral disc will be herniated. Some people will experience this situation in their lives. After sleeping on the sofa all night, they will feel back pain. Extended reading: Reference for buying furniture: Furniture size that fits the human body. This is mainly because the sofa is too soft, and when people lie on it, the spine will bend. Therefore, I remind you that for families who have purchased low furniture, you must pay attention to it during use. It is best to stand up and move the cervical spine and lumbar spine after an interval of forty to fifty minutes. In addition, the combination cabinet where the TV is placed is getting lower and lower from the ground. For the urban class who work at the desk for a long time, it means that when watching TV at home at night, the cervical spine is still in a flexed position or a specific position, which will cause the neck The muscles of the neck are in a state of uncoordinated force for a long time, which makes the muscles and ligaments at the back of the neck vulnerable to strain and strain, thereby inducing or aggravating cervical spondylosis.
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